Buffalo Beans



  • Posted on by Kathy Day

    Thanks, Jill! I’ll probably use black & pinto beans. It sounds really yummy and a little different twist from traditional chili.
    We’re doing great. Bill and I have had both of our COVID vaccines and are breathing a bit easier. Hope you and Dan are staying healthy & strong. Hoping to make a trip to the Black Hills later this year. Maybe we’ll stop in and see you again. Warm regards, Kathy

  • Posted on by Cindy Vincent

    This was a big hit with my family! Subbed water for the coffee and it worked fine. Thanks, Jill!

  • Posted on by Jill

    Hi Kathy! Not OCD at all… I used black and butter beans, but any would do. Hope you are doing well! Thanks bunches. jill

  • Posted on by Kathy Day

    I’m probably being a wee bit OCD but……what kind of beans do you use? :-)

  • Posted on by jill

    Cindy – I would use a dark beer or water for a coffee substitute. Enjoy! jill

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