Bison & Pasta Bake

A great make ahead dish that can be frozen and popped in the oven at any time. I made four small casseroles out of this recipe, which fed four people each. Approved by my grandkids, who are two and five years old! Honest deliciousness!

Buffalo Minestrone Soup

You’re going to love, love, love this recipe! Seriously, you’ll make the recipe with the intention of freezing some for a quick and easy meal, but… you may find that it will disappear before you have the chance to freeze it. Approved by Dan & Gervase, men of discerning tastes!

5 Pounds - 5 Recipes

Like many of you, we are all cooking a lot more at home. In trying to keep up with our workload and to keep all parties energized and satiated, Jilian asked if I would please make meals to feed our crew.

Layered Nachos

Meaty, cheesy and loaded with veggies. And, because it's layered - there’s goodness in every bite!

Pizza Meatballs with Pesto Pasta

We could all use a little comfort (and health) during this challenging time and where better to find solace than with a delicious, healthy meal. Jill's recipe will dish up both comfort and flavor.

Benny’s Easy Buffalo Hash

Benny’s Easy Buffalo Hash shared by Ben Leonard is a customer recipe made with Wild Idea’s Premium Ground Buffalo.

Bison Meatballs with Tomato Fennel Sauce

A simple recipe packed with flavor and nutrition!

Bacon, Mushroom & Swiss Keto Burger on Creamed Spinach

You may say keto diet, but we say keto-licious!

Meat Pies - Oh My!

Pie for dinner... now you’re talking! These three recipes are great solutions for getting your family to the dinner table! They’re easy to make and can be whipped up ahead of time for pop-in-the-oven convenience.
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