Swedish Meatballs





    • Posted on by Charley E Carroll Jr.

      Great recipes and I am enjoying the good recipes being posted.

    • Posted on by Donnie Young

      Today we are prepping for a dinner party tomorrow night; WI meatballs as appetizer with WI NY strips for the entree. This is my first time using Jill’s meatball recipe. Since I had three different things going at once, including a red wine sauce for the steaks, I messed up the meatballs, adding the butter into the meatball mix. When I took them out of the oven at 5 minutes, they were barely cook and crumbly. Realized my mistake and decided I would try cooking a bit longer. Worth a try. If not, I would make up a new batch tomorrow and use the mistake to make a big pot of Bolognese sauce.

      The Bolognese will just have to wait. Adding another five minutes in the 500 degree oven cooked the butter out, resulting in a perfectly cooked meatball with great moisture and mouth feel. I simmered them in a marinara sauce for a few minutes and will simply heat them up before company arrives tomorrow.

      Now I have to go back and try the correct meatball recipe.

    • Posted on by Bob Hiatt

      I tried this recipe tonight and was delighted with the results. Since I was cooking for only my wife and me, I halved the quantities (except for the gravy, which I made especially thick), with the result that we still have enough left over for another terrific meal. The lingonberry jam made for a nice accompaniment.

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