A Dose of Nutritional Facts

What to eat and what is in our food can be difficult to know. False claims and the misuse of labeling doesn’t help. Wild Idea always wants to be transparent with our customers. Recently we had our Ground Buffalo retested to offer you solid nutritional data.

Nutritional Info

Wild Idea Buffalo meat has an omega3/omega6 ratio of 0.61, compared to 0.12 for grain fed buffalo (according to USDA)”. 

WILD IDEA ROOTED IN SUSTAINABILITYAlthough we are proud of how our buffalo meat is raised and the quality that comes from that process, it’s only part of the goodness. 100% large landscape grass-fed/finished meat, also promotes a healthy environment! The buffalo, the largest herbivore and keystone species of the American Great Plains are the gardeners of the prairie; nurturing the soil as they graze and enriching the grasses and forbs, creating a prairie banquet of goodness. And - it keeps prairies intact with carbon stored safely underground.

WIld Idea Nutritional FactsIf you are opting for other brands of buffalo meat, ensure you know the facts, as 90% of the bison raised for food are raised or finished in the cattle feed-lot model. They are being fed an unnatural diet, which includes, but not limited to: GMO corn, GMO soy, fast food waste (including bread, tater-tots, French fries), animal by-products such as chicken waste, and candy. This also means they are ingesting the herbicides and the pesticides used on the crops. To quote Michael Pollen “You are what you eat and you are what you eat eats too!

Recently, I was listening to Dr. Mark Hyman on “The People’s Pharmacy”, on how our food is our medicine. I’m a newsletter subscriber of his and received a prompt to watch a YouTube of him being interviewed by his very funny comedian wife. They get right down to it and would recommend a listen if you have 30 minutes. You can check it out HERE.                                 

Note: One of the key takeaways in the above mentioned episode, was Mia Lux's (the host of show) shock of all the buzz about “grass-fed” beef when she moved to the U.S. Being a New Zealander, she thought grass was the only thing that all cows ate! NOT… 


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  • Love you’re product!

    Jon Green
  • Bravo! That’s putting IT in Black & White, for sure!! Just an excellent statement of facts. The product speaks for itself. Just had breakfast at The Gilbert House (Gilbert, AZ) and totally enjoyed the Sweet Potato Bowl, with Bison and Poached Eggs. The YUM factor is through the roof and the HEALTH factor, as well – gluten free, vegetables and protein – who could ask for anything more? It’s such a treat to eat “deliciously healthy.”

  • I’m 71 and have a great paleo diet with the premium ground bison as my staple for the past 5yrs. Affordable and could not get any better. Go Wild Idea😃

    Tom Conners
  • I’ve been telling people this for a long time now! Thanks for passing this info along. Love your products!!

    Mark Holloway

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