Ghosts of the Great Plains


The Cheyenne River Ranch is located between the Black Hills National Forest and Badlands National Park. This area was a Native stronghold. In "Ghosts of the Great Plains", Dan looks back and explains the history of our area and the Native Americans, and how we are moving forward to heal the land and rebuild relationships by bringing back the buffalo.  We hope you give this important short (30 minute) film a watch. 

This film was produced by our Wholesale Partners at "Natural Grocers". They carry our 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, humanely field harvested buffalo meat. Their stores are located throughout the United States.


  • Posted on by Edward R. Curie

    I am a 74 year old Vietnam Combat Vet, and one of your customers. That the was the best documentary
    I have ever watched. Every American should have to watch Ghosts of the Great Plains!!
    Thank you, Ed

  • Posted on by Janis Fitschen

    Wow, thank you all.

  • Posted on by Joyce Cross

    I loved this video. Thank you. Lovely way to close out the year.

  • Posted on by Paul Niesen

    Fantastic film! Dan, keep doing what you are doing for yourself and for all of us! You are a champion!

  • Posted on by Jim Doyle

    Absolutely fantastic video. I can see a lot of hard work went into producing it. Would love to stop by and meet you next time we go through Rapid.

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