Ghosts of the Great Plains

The Cheyenne River Ranch is located between the Black Hills National Forest and Badlands National Park. This area was a Native stronghold. In "Ghosts of the Great Plains", Dan looks back and explains the history of our area and the Native Americans, and how we are moving forward to heal the land and rebuild relationships by bringing back the buffalo.  We hope you give this important short (30 min.) film a watch. 

This film was produced by our Wholesale Partners at "Natural Grocers". They carry our 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, humanely field harvested buffalo meat. Their stores are located throughout the United States and you can find them here

Bison in moon light

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  • I am a 74 year old Vietnam Combat Vet, and one of your customers. That the was the best documentary
    I have ever watched. Every American should have to watch Ghosts of the Great Plains!!
    Thank you, Ed

    Edward R. Curie
  • Wow, thank you all.

    Janis Fitschen
  • I loved this video. Thank you. Lovely way to close out the year.

    Joyce Cross
  • Fantastic film! Dan, keep doing what you are doing for yourself and for all of us! You are a champion!

    Paul Niesen
  • Absolutely fantastic video. I can see a lot of hard work went into producing it. Would love to stop by and meet you next time we go through Rapid.

    Jim Doyle
  • Thank you all for your individual as well as collective effort bringing this story to the world through this presentation. Yes, the history is so tragic, the work at hand so great, but the future is bright because of people like all of you at, and those connected to, Wild Idea Buffalo including those of us who are healthier as we receive from your products and wealthier as we learn from your wisdom. This circle is ever expanding and the impact will becoming ever greater.
    We look immediately now into a new year like none other experienced in our history. Huge changes will be forthcoming for the good of mankind, the environment, the animals, the birds, food sources; a time of restoration – history rewritten.

    Jerry and Norma Reynolds
  • A fantastic and well produced film. Certainly worthy of viewing again. We may not be on the ranch helping you harvest, or mending fences, but we are happy to do what we can to support you by 100% sole sourcing ALL our red meat from you for several years now. It’s natural. It’s delicious. It’s healthy. The way it was meant to be. Thank you to the entire Wild Idea family!!!

    Chris and Kim
  • This film, your work, ethos and commitment to the Great Plains and all that inhabit them is life affirming.
    Thank you so much!
    (From New England but feel very connected to your world.)

    Cynthia Baker Burns
  • that daily practice we’ve given our heart to because it helps others, in it we remember what is truly important as our single purpose. we can in a moment pause in stillness and bask in Love’s Light we made to shine, trusting this time has high value for all. this isn’t arrogance, this is Truth.

    Blake O'Quinn
  • Powerful!. Historically correct. Beautifully presented. It raises the warmth and spirt of one’s heart. Thank you.
    Peter Fuller

    Peter Fuller
  • thank you for your passion. Perfect Earth Day Reflection for us all. when people ask me why I support your ranch and why bother to spend the extra money to eat this flesh… this explains why, heal our bodies, heal the planet, do what we can when we can.. loved the liver/ground bison… big hit… one day soon in the not so distant future, I see some goats..

    Jackie Lois
  • WOW, what a great piece. Dan, the passion you and your family have clearly comes through in this film.

    Bill Day (North Georgia Mountains)
  • A very poignant, true, sobering, wake-up call. Thank you for living and being an example that must be followed.

    Peggy Detmers
  • Thank you for this beautiful film and its ray of hope.

    Joyce Cross
  • I know the Wild Idea story and have followed your emails since I’ve choose to purchase your meat for the past 2+ years.
    This short film gives me some new insights but I believe it just strengthens my idea to follow your idea for my meat purchases. Thank you for not waivering in your beliefs on how to harvest, I hope I follow similar beliefs as I hunt game for descent death and respect for the animal.

    Paul Burggraff

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