Wild Idea Featured in New York Times: Two Approaches to Raising Buffalo Meat

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Living forty miles from small town engenders a sense to isolation. A guy can get the feeling that no one know what you are doing or cares what you are thinking. Getting a call from a NY Times reporter is a seismic event that leaves you wondering if you imagined it. When the photographer shows up it seems more real, but after they drive out of the driveway, the eerie silence descends again. There is a need to see those newspaper pages in the flesh. That is when you realize that the daily New York Times is not delivered anywhere within a three hundred mile radius. You begin again to wonder if anyone cares about treating animals and grassland with respect. Then the Times article shows up in your email inbox.

In case you missed it, here it is. It is a message to everyone involved with Wild Idea Buffalo Company - from the folks on the land, to the employees, to the people who buy the product. It is nice to be noticed.

As Bison Becomes More Popular, Two Views Emerge On How To Treat Them

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  • Posted on by Lester K. Buehler, Ph.D.

    Please send me some information on the products that you offer.

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