A Dose of Nutritional Facts


What to eat and what is in our food can be difficult to know. False claims and the misuse of labeling doesn’t help. Wild Idea always wants to be transparent with our customers. Recently we had our ground buffalo / bison retested to offer you solid nutritional data.

Nutritional Info

Wild Idea Buffalo meat has an omega3/omega6 ratio of 0.61, compared to 0.12 for grain fed buffalo (according to USDA)”. 

Although we are proud of the high nutritional quality of our regenerative bison meat, it’s only part of the goodness. By allowing our buffalo, large landscapes to roam, they nurture the soil as they graze, creating a banquet of prairie goodness. These intact, healthy prairie ecosystems store carbon safely underground, and also provide a home for a plethora of species!

98.5% of beef raised for food is finished in a CAFO (confined animal feeding operation). And, over 90% of the bison raised for food are also finished in feed-lots.  These animals are fed an unnatural diet, which includes, but not limited to: GMO corn, GMO soy, fast food waste (including bread, tater-tots, French fries), animal by-products such as chicken waste, and candy. This also means they are ingesting the herbicides and the pesticides used on the crops. To quote Michael Pollan, “You are what you eat and you are what you eat eats too!"

Wild Idea's buffalo are raised on water, grass and sunshine, producing a pure powerhouse of a protein that you can feel good about eating and that doesn't come with an IOU of planet destruction. 


  • Posted on by Melissa

    Nutrition is essential, but the sustainability and humane treatment bring me back to Wild Idea. Well, that and the fantastic flavor!

  • Posted on by Susan

    Discovered Wild Idea several years ago after reading “Buffalo For the Broken Heart,” and I’ve been ordering your meat ever since. It’s the only red meat we eat. The difference in flavor and tenderness is remarkable!

  • Posted on by Jon Green

    Love you’re product!

  • Posted on by Georgene

    Bravo! That’s putting IT in Black & White, for sure!! Just an excellent statement of facts. The product speaks for itself. Just had breakfast at The Gilbert House (Gilbert, AZ) and totally enjoyed the Sweet Potato Bowl, with Bison and Poached Eggs. The YUM factor is through the roof and the HEALTH factor, as well – gluten free, vegetables and protein – who could ask for anything more? It’s such a treat to eat “deliciously healthy.”

  • Posted on by Tom Conners

    I’m 71 and have a great paleo diet with the premium ground bison as my staple for the past 5yrs. Affordable and could not get any better. Go Wild Idea😃

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