A Room with a View

My studio is tucked into the hillside of what we call the “River Pasture.” It overlooks the bottom ground of the ranch, the Cheyenne River, and the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. It is my studio, office, and kitchen, and it has a wonderful windowed main room that frames the prairie in all of its glory.Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch & Buffalo Gap National GrasslandsThe River Pasture is about 2,000 acres and consists of high, flat ground, hillsides that gradually roll into the bottom ground, and sagebrush and cottonwood savannas that indicate where the river used to be. It is indeed a special place.Cheyenne River at SunriseCheyenne River Buffalo Ranch Bottom Ground. In our rotational grazing program, the buffalo spend three weeks once or twice a year in this pasture. During these weeks, I stay pretty close, a damage-control watchdog of sorts.
Bison herd GrazingWhen they are here, the buffalo can often be seen from the studio, grazing the bottom grounds and the hillsides.Bison Grazing HillsideOr they can be two miles away, completely out of sight.Bison Herd at SunsetOccasionally they pay a visit to the studio. When they arrive, whatever I am doing comes to a stop, and I watch and listen to them move about and graze. It is a thrilling experience to be safely surrounded by 800 head of buffalo! And no, it never gets old. 
Bison outside of prairie house
During the buffalos' last visit, a good friend of mine and also my grandson Barrett were visiting. They each positioned themselves to a side of the room to take in the show and to watch my back as I crawled out to the front edge of the deck with my camera and iPhone.

Buffalo Around a Prairie HouseThe buffalo are somewhat used to me, and they were aware of my presence. I moved slowly and even though I was super excited, I remained calm enough to capture a little video. I hope you enjoy it and that it transports you to the prairie, if only for 92 seconds.

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  • You are amazing… I am pretty damn brave when it comes to wildlife… Buffaloe whoa… Totally amazed… There is one place in Albuquerque , NM that has buffaloes.. But has never been very many.. Thank you for that video.. Shelley.

    Shelley Quiner
  • Stunning view. I watched your video for the chuck roast recipe today. We are getting ready for a family meal of Wild Idea roast this evening Al fresco in our own little prairie in the woods in Indiana. Thank you!!

    Melissa Day
  • Thanks for sharing 92 seconds of these magnificent animals. Agree, it never gets old.

    Barbara Horton
  • Totally awesome video Jill! What a blessing to have such a view right out your window! Thank you for sharing!

    Chris and Kim
  • Incredible! Thanks so much, Jill. They are my favorites——love seeing them and hearing them!

    Amanda S White

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