The Art of Bison Persuasion

This past week I had the chance to ride along to bring in a herd of buffalo from their winter grazing grounds on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. Dan and Colton had been bringing bunches in all week and we hoped this was the last group.

Bison on PrairieTheir winter pasture consists of 24,000 acres, which can make finding them a challenge. If they are miles away in rough terrain, it may take days to get them close to the river and onto their summer pasture. If this is the case we will either use horses or ATV'S and get behind them at a distance, making a presence, to encourage them to head for home. When they are within a couple of miles we will use a different approach, which is featured in the video. It may not be as sexy as a bunch of cowboys running open with a herd of stampeding buffalo in front of them, but it is less stressful on the buffalo and the people. I hope you enjoy it!



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  • Thanks for sharing. This is an interesting technique. Truly a “Shepard” approach. Leading rather than driving. Glad they are returned safely and yourselves as well. Less Stress is Very Good. I remember Dan’s introduction to Bison at Custer State Park’s roundup. The contrast is epic. Glad he was able to save the ‘FuzzBalls’.

    Ken James
  • I am impressed with the way you handle your buffalo. The video is very cool. We enjoy your buffalo meat and look forward to coming to your “store” in the near future on our way back to Montana from our wintering in Texas.

    Luann Fortenberyt
  • You have the best job in the world.

    Felix D
  • Love the video grew up in s.d, my brother has the family farm and is thinking about running a few head on our land hope he dose.

    Gayle Holweger
  • Thank you for this wonderful moment. These glorious animals always warm my heart. Your love of them shows in the way they are treated, the products you sell and the books that Dan writes.

    Beryl Fogel
  • Thanks. Your videos, and stories from the prairie, always take me back to “a better place and time”.

    Thanks again, and again.?

    Bruce Green
  • Thanks. Your videos, and stories from the prairie, always take me back to “a better place and time”.

    Thanks again, and again.?

    Bruce Green
  • The video touches the soul! ! . I like the fact that you humbly appreciate what you have and you don’t have to act out the Wild West theme. And I like that you knew others would enjoy it too! There is a Spirituality to what you do. May it grow and spread to others!

    Barbara Stanfild
  • Thank you so much for sharing that lovely video. These are the most majestic animals on the planet – in my humble opinion. How lucky you are to witness all of their beauty and wonder. Your product is wonderful, head and shoulders above any other I have sampled. Thank you for your devotion to keeping this part of our world intact for generations to come. Again, thank you!!

    Katherine E
  • Awesome! Thank you for sharing. Love the end result.

  • Jill,
    This is AWESOME! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing this!
    Love to see video of the buffalo!
    Dr B

    Beverly J Rubino MD
  • This is a great video and brings back memories. We were fortunate enough to go on one of those roundups some years back with Gervaise. It was one of the most astounding things I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work you are doing out there.

  • Beautiful. I appreciated your comment re: less stress on the buffalo. And it was nice to see their apparent happiness when arriving at new pastures.

    Keith Lewis
  • Thank you. We need to treat all animals with respect! Your product is simply THE BEST!

  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing – I’ll be sharing with others.

    Thomas Carr

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