Buffalo & Grandkids

Babysitting my grandchildren is hands down my favorite job. Coming in second is spending time in the buffalo herd to capture images and video footage to share with you. When you mix the two together, it can be most entertaining. Here's a short video that I stitched together, complete with unsolicited commentary. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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  • beauties and the beast!! super fun. thanks, Cindy

    Cindy Hess
  • Beautiful!

    Christina Barry
  • Thank you for the hope for the future this brings and for all you all are doing.

  • So special. Thanks for sharing Jill!

    Susan L Wright
  • The word that comes to mind is: PRECIOUS.

  • Wonderful! Grandchildtren are so special. Introducing them to their amazing natural environment is beautiful.
    I trust they were using a fine telescopic lens😊

  • Those sweet boys will never forget time spent with grandma and the buffalo.

    Barbara Horton
  • Thank You!!

    Peter Fuller
  • “These are OUR buffalo an WE protect them.” Yes, boys, they are indeed! How prophetic that someday they will be their buffalo to care for, carried forward from their grandpa, grandma, dad and mom and one day to them. Love, love, love this, Jill!
    Kathy Day

    Kathy Day
  • So sweet and beautiful to see the great Buffalo

  • LOVE

  • Wonderful video featuring great photographers!! I loved seeing the buffalo and hearing their sounds.

    Cheyne Cumming
  • Adorable

  • A joyful experience, thanks to the producers.

    Norma jean
  • Oh, so much fun. I love the sunset and your photographers and all the grunting!


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