In the Buff

In celebration of World Photography Day, I've put together a collection of snapshots of what I am privileged to witness when in the buffalo herd. I hope you enjoy a short little timeout in this current state of uncertain times. Peace and Buffalo Love Around. 

Bison Calf Nursing

Buffalo Watering

Bison in Wildflowers


Bison bull

Bison Kids

Bull Watering

Mushroom Cloud

Bison Bulls

 Bison Watering

Big Bulls

Grass in Cotton Candy Clouds

Bison Cow & Calf

Bull Bison & Cow Rut

Bison Rut

Double Rainbow

Bison Cow & Calf

Bison Calf

Bull & Cow Bison Rut Sunset

 Photo Credit: Jill O'Brien

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  • If my dad could have been much less citified, there’s the outside chance instead of the “birds and bees” talk he tried his best to get across, I might have heard an antelope and bison talk and become a bit better grounded in more relatable facts of life. Great pictures of the graphics of grasslands you all steward so expertly.

    Vernon Cross
  • I am so much in awe of the beauty of the landscape and these animals. Super photos! Thank you for bringing such a valuable product to the market, and the education that comes along with it.

  • Ben – We do not harvest the older bulls for our meat supply and we do not do hunts.

    Brenda – ANYTIME we harvest animals for food it is done humanely in the pastures where the bison are grazing. Our moveable abattoir and our team of skilled butchers go to them. We will NEVER change our standards and move away from humane field harvest. We do appreciate that this is important to you and we thank you for your support.

  • These are great Jill!! It takes a patient photographer to get those kinds of shots!

  • Absolument magnifique, merci.

  • Absolutely stunning! Thanks for all that you do and hugs to my home state! Peace and buffalo love to all.

    Beth Mundy
  • Your humane harvest has been key to my purchase of your products – justifying the cost of shipping to California/buying enough not to incur the shipping charges. As you have grown and added sourcing partners, it is difficult to think that these same humane harvesting standards are being followed by your sourcing partners. Your ‘process’ was value driven, not profit driven.

    So while I am happy to see your business grow, I am saddened to think that you are losing the diffrentiator for those of us who are reluctant meat eaters – willing to pay the price for meat we can eat and serve our family. with the nutritional benefits it provides, without thinking we have caused undue suffering to the animal who provided it to us.

  • Enjoy your photography, Jill. Viewing them makes me feel more connected with the buff, and the mission of sustainability. I appreciate being able to eat healthy with no guilt.
    Thank you,

    Melanie Dees Campbell
  • Great pictures

    Dale palmer
  • Peace on earth can still be found. Thanks for sharing some much needed peace during these trying days. Beautiful pictures.

    Gary Kaiser
  • Jill,
    Your love and respect for the bison and all the beings you photograph shine through in every picture you take.
    I cannot bring myself to turn the page of your 2020 calendar because I adore the January picture. Many thanks!

  • Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing these. I hope someday I will take a long road trip including the Dakotas and get to see your bison ranch and meet the people who market such good steaks

  • Thank you!

    Dan Cohen
  • These photo’s are so beautiful. They show how well these Buffalo are cared for, roaming free and well fed.I hope Buffalo’s are around forever,this what Native Americans pride is all about ,and a big part of our history. Thank you Jill fo sharing your amazing photography work.

    Deborah little wolf Cieslewski
  • Once again thank you for sharing your stunning images. There is nothing quite like seeing them in their home range. I have always been drawn to these marvelous creations.


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