Nature is Good Medicine

On Sunday evening I usually try to map out my week. This week was going to be a full one and would require committed planning. But, it doesn't take much to become uncommitted and have your regimented schedule tossed out the window. As a rancher and a small business owner, being flexible is a necessity.

On Monday night my son-in-law Colton asked if I could be at their house at 7:00am to care for the boys. I shifted my plans, to take on my favorite job of being a grandma. 

The weather has been cold here, but Tuesday morning, although chilly, it was calm and the sun and sky were both trying to show themselves. Getting outdoors was a must, so we bundled up and set out for a nature walk, complete with four dogs and four cats who follow the little boys everywhere. 

On our journey we investigated homes where wild things live. The damp air smelled of wet earth and dried leaves - peppered with hints of sage as we walked crushing it with our boots.

We stopped and looked at the mosaic of grasses and played along Spring Creek, throwing rocks into the water, watching the ripple effects in the mirrored stream.

The boys climbed trees with leaves bleached by the sun that hung like tiny wind-chimes, making soft rustling sounds in the occasional puffs of wind.

We headed back to do our chicken chores, which included the favorite job of gathering eggs. Now mud covered and wet, we settled into snacks and hot chocolate, before the homeschooling lessons began. 

We had a different email scheduled for today, which seemed heavy during these uncertain times. After my morning nature adventure with my grandchildren, which made me feel like I had basked in sunshine - I wanted to share it with you.... thinking that you might need a little sunshine too.

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  • Jill:

    You’re a wonderful writer and a wonderful photographer—and a wonderful grandma—raising up another generation with a passion for nature—so vital for the future of the planet. Thank you so much!

    Keith Lewis

    Keith Lewis
  • Thanks Jill for your very uplifting message which cheered me up no end! Times are very hard for all of us now, and your wonderful pictures and words about your grandsons and the fun you had lifted me up a whole lot.
    I put you and all your dear ones in the arms of God.
    Love, Don

    Don Meyer
  • Ahhhh! Kids, pets, nature and a loving grandma. Thanks, Jill.

    Donna Fisher
  • Reminded me of my childhood growing up in the country. Thanks. This should help others who are struggling with homeschooling. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

    Marie Tesch
  • Thanks for sharing your morning! It was wonderful!

    Liz Aicher
  • Wonderful share! Joel and I visit our local state and national parks, with our picnic lunches, to feel a bit of normalcy as CoV-19 increases in our communities.

    Peggy Detmers
  • Very special for children to have nature be part of the saying “ it takes a village” .
    Nature is an excellent and wise teacher.

    Missing puzzle though; where is grampa Dan? The one that can interpret nature’s language in words and deed.we have benefited so much from this man.

    G. Harvey
  • Left me wishing I was one of the grankids :)
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful pictorial!

  • Thank you, Jill. We and Nature are one and the same……………..

  • Just what the doctor ordered! Beautiful family… beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing😊

  • Thank you for taking us with you on that beautiful morning outdoor adventure!

    Kathleen Treanor
  • So well done. Just the remedy for sadness and being cooped up for months.
    Thanks, Jill and children

  • sweet, thanks

    Santana Tamarak

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