Patagonia Introduces Wild Idea Work Boots

For the past twenty-four years, Wild Idea and affiliated ranch partners have had their boots on the ground - working hard to regenerate and preserve the American Great Plains, by bringing back the buffalo. 

Many of you may also know that we are the supplier and producer of Patagonia Provisions Jerky. Like us, they too were interested in ways to use all the parts. After thorough testing, boots became the answer for Patagonia's "Work Wear" line.  Last year the "Wild Idea Work Boot" was introduced and they've been widely popular!

Get a closer look at the "wild ideas" behind the family and our mission, by stepping into this short film!

To get on the waiting list for boots go to:
Women's Wild Idea Work Boots
Men's Wild Idea Work Boots

Video used with permission by Patagonia

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  • I received my boots recently and I love them. They’re so nice. I’m proud to wear them and love the aspect of not wasting any part of the buffalo.

    Jill Kauzlarich
  • I jumped on the link as soon as Patagonia sent it, but found that alas, once again the women’s boots start at a size 6. It’s so hard finding humanely-sourced leather shoes when you have small feet.

  • I’d love a buffalo hide w/hair to throw on my bed!

    Jim Berlin
  • Awesome idea for the boots your meat is so nice thank you so much I will be in contact to get more have a nice day.

    Donald Randall⅕
  • Whoa! Dan O’Brien has feelings? Who knew?

  • First of all, thank you so much for this informative and, yes Dan, emotional presentation. It is wonderful to know another great product is coming from Wild Idea Buffalo. Thanks to Patagonia and the boat makers, we have access to another connection to the cycle of life at Cheyenne River Ranch. We also would like to know how and when these boots can be obtained. It is great to see the three generations of your family out with the buffalo on those beautiful grasslands.

    Jerry and Norma Reynolds
  • Hi John. They are working on it… so keep checking! Thank you for your support!

    JIll OBrien
  • Hello,

    Just checking in to see if another round of Wild Idea boots will be available this year in your partnership with Patagonia?

    Best to you all,
    John Wade
    Marble Falls, TX

    John Wade
  • They look absolutely beautiful, but I missed out on the first round. Been holding out for a restock. Are you expecting there will be another round of boots produced, and if so when might they be available?

  • Hello, and Happy New Year!

    I’m obviously late to the news of these great boots. And…alas, they are all SOLD OUT at Patagonia. Any idea of when ya’ll will work with Patagonia to restock the shelves?

    Alls the best from Texas,
    John Wade

    John Lykurgus Wade
  • Rebecca – Patagonia goes to great lengths in vetting companies that they work with, evaluating environmental impact and social impact. Getting products in the hands of sustainable companies does create movement of goods, but it is offset by how the product is produced. I do not know of a better company that has a better environmental compass.

  • We’ve been customers for years. Initially, I was interested in the prospect of a boot from your hides.

    And then I see on Patagonia’s site that they are shipping the hides to Portugal to have the shoes made there.

    Considering all the work y’all do re: sustainability, it seems to significantly counter to your posts/position on climate impact. I know Patagonia touts sustainability, but surely you/they could find a better solution than shipping back and forth across the Atlantic.

    Rebecca Wolfe
  • I second the comment of Rick Contreras. I can’t wait until larger (11½ – 12) are available again!

    David Czenkusch
  • Please get the size 12 boots back is stock. I’ll treat myself to something “pretty” for Christmas!!

    Rick Contreras
  • Yes, PLEASE consider selling the tanned hides. We would love a couple of those in our family room!

    John Liccardi

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