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For me, taking photos is another way to connect the landscape and wildlife with our food supply. Often, they just help tell our story, but sometimes they can be beautiful too. I hope you enjoy this new collection of random images. 

Bison Bulls Eye

This big bull is on the move after a mud dusting. Buffalo roll in wallows for a few reasons: 1) to assist in removing winter coat, 2) to rid of insects and 3) they urinate in the wallow and then roll to scent themselves during the rut... a perfume of sorts. The females do it as well.  

Bison Herd

By mid June, the calves start to venture a little further away from their moms and are often found in play groups with other calves. 

Bison Yearling Suckling on Cow

A yearling continues to nurse from its mother, as this year's calf has not yet been born. Typically, when a new calf is born, the mother will kick the yearling away.

Bee Hive

A honey bee hive forms in a Cottonwood tree on the ranch. You hear the buzzing long before you ever see them. 

Honey Bee

Welcomed pollinators!

Bison Herd moving across the prairie

The herd on the move to the bottom ground. 

Beaver Dam with canadian goose

Two geese swim by a well established beaver dam on our sourcing partner's ranch, the Diamond4D in Montana. Beavers play a critical role in water movement and healthy ecosystems. 

Buffalo Calves

Growing up and getting with the grazing. You will also notice the buffalo calves' ears, which will soon become invisible in their woolly coat as they grow. 


Bison Watering

Stock dams are throughout the ranch and this year, thankfully they still have plenty of water. All species rely on these important watering holes.

Bison Bull on the Move

When the rut begins, the bulls get on the move, accentuating their strength. They will hash out the hierarchy early on, but will continue to fight thereafter for females. The females have a say in who they want as their mate too, if they aren't interested they will make it well known by kicking the males and moving away. 

Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch

Sunrise over the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch. 

Bison Calf

An August calf blends into the changing summer forage. 

Buffalo Bulls

When you start to look at buffalo close up, you will notice their differences that give them their own personality. They can also look a bit like a big ol' teddy bear too. The tongue comes out when they are making their rut grunts, which sound a bit like a lion. 

Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls nest in prairie dog towns. If I spend enough time with them, they become curious and I find them to be most entertaining. 

Bison cow and calf on the prairie

A cow and her calf head into the sunset on a hot August night. 


Bull bison

A bull on the move during the rut, grabs mouthfuls of grass to keep his strength. It is not uncommon for a bull to lose 100 pounds or so during the breeding season

Water ripples from a buffalo bull nuzzle as the calves wait their turn to water.  

Prairie View

 A prairie vista. Home. 


  • Posted on by Michael

    Thanks again for the great photos Jill.
    Very glad you have the time to dive into the photography world. Love the landscape shots but all are great. Been enjoying Ken Burn's American Buffalo documentary also. Our American history is often frustrating to endure but that's what helps with the lessons that need to be learned. Keep on Truckin' you guys. We all need you all in many ways.

  • Posted on by Sheila

    Love the pictures thank you

  • Posted on by Gary K. Krieger

    Your photo composition is enjoyed. The work you put in to bring out the color and contrast makes it so wonderful. The sky, the grassland, the life is all there.

  • Posted on by Twodog

    Jill, you have become a fine art photographer with a discerning eye.

  • Posted on by Dale Casper

    Your photographs are always beautiful, Jill. Thank you for sharing with us.

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