Men's Journal: "Rancher Taking on Climate Change"


By Ryan Krogh

Meet the South Dakota Bison Rancher Taking on Climate Change -
One Bison Steak at a Time

Dan O'BrienPhoto: Dan O'Brien & Al / Photo Credit: Jim Henderson

“O’Brien has become something of a legend in the conservation community, thanks to his efforts to protect and restore the native prairies of the northern Great Plains. Sitting next to him in the ATV is perhaps the biggest legend in the modern conservation community, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, who’s wearing an orange puffy with a green beanie sitting lightly atop his head… it feels as if the planet’s future rests in the hands of Steve Zissou and Elmer Fudd.”

Read the full article in the Men's Journal here.


  • Posted on by Linda Zaech

    My mother read your book in French. She told me that i have to congratulate you for your wiild ideas.
    Please be aware that from a little city in Switzerland we really appreciate what you do.
    If we were able, we would be very proud to come and visit your land.
    I raise horses in France and I like to be in the fields with them and my dogs.
    Take care and stay safe

  • Posted on by Diane Buford

    Thank you for this article which expanded my knowledge. ‘Buffalo for the Broken Heart’ changed my life and is my very favorite book and the book I give to graduating seniors because it is lyrical poetry and is about purpose and passion and makes us better citizens and stewards. Wild Idea Buffalo is the only meat I eat because the animals are honored and of course it is DELICIOUS. I am lucky that a store where I live stocks the ground buffalo. I really appreciate what Dan O’Brien and his family do and who they are.

  • Posted on by Pamela Phillips

    I continue to be amazed by your much-needed work on combating climate change. I have shared this with my cousin Ann Phillips. We “Findlay girls” are very proud of your efforts and look forward to reading your next book! Pam Phillips

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