Signs of Spring


Although winter has held us in its clutches for far too long, spring is starting to show itself. The land is thawing, the earth is awakening and the silent skies are once again filled with song. Here are a few photos of spring's subtle arrival on the ranch. 

Sharptail Grouse & Meadowlarks

Above image is of a sharp-tailed grouse with a meadowlark to the right. The male grouse will soon start dancing on the "dancing grounds"posturing and sparing with other males in hope of luring a mate. 

This meadowlark arrived a couple of weeks ago and can often be found on his new "Conservation Easement Boundary" perchsinging his beautiful song, claiming his territory. The meadowlark and the grouse are both ground-nesting birds. 

Bison Herd

Most of the buffalo have returned home from their winter grazing pasture on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. They are as fat as bears, the mothers heavy with calves. Soon, very soon - new baby buffaloes!


Spring isn't spring without robins. Always the first to arrive. Welcome home.

Pink Clouds over Prairie

They sky has started to soften with its pastel colors, illuminating a hint of green on the prairie. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a wonderful spring. 


  • Posted on by Linda M. Hasselstrom

    We had a flock of bluebirds a few days ago, and they appear to be nesting in the junipers around the retreat house. Also have two great-horned owls that like to perch above the retreat house and I hope are eating rabbits.

  • Posted on by David lofgren

    I have been a fan of the buffalo ever since I was 12yrs. Old. I’m now 68yrs. Old and still hold the same reverence for them now as I did then. I photograph them as my favorite subject. And build my own frames for each buffalo I capture. Not one is the same. They have given me great pleasure for many yrs. The pictures are what I’ve laid on the snowy ground for hrs. To capture. And on the still praire. The Thunder Beast reins the open lands.

  • Posted on by gloria davis

    While reading Dan’s book, Wile Idea, Buffalo and Family in a difficult Land, I could feel the dry air, smell the land, my feet disturbed the dust that “covered” my face". I rode to the winter pastures and observed the patient herding of the buffalo. I smelled the sage and heard the drumming and singing. I LIVED that book thru Dan’s words. And now, I am “waking the land with you” as I view the pictures. THANK YOU

    btw… LOVING the sweet mild flavor of the buffalo and the life energy that remains in the meat.

  • Posted on by sharon Schwartz

    Love your pics especially partial to the buffalo. Later the babies will so fun to see. Thanks.

  • Posted on by Rachel Wester - Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op

    Gorgeous! Breadroot staff is very much looking forward to visiting in late spring! Bring on those babies! :)

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