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Wild Idea Buffalo Co. was this years recipient of their communities Sustainability Award! Dan and Jill accepted the award on behalf of their family (son Lucas, daughter Jilian, son-in-law Colton), the crew at Wild Idea and the ranchers from whom we source product and who maintain our high standards. Most importantly, we want to thank our customers—without their commitment to sustainability and concern for how their food is raised, there would be no Wild Idea Buffalo Company.


To read the whole story, click here.



Hot off the PRESS! Dan O'Brien's new book "Great Plains BISON"!

GREAT PLAINS BISON traces the history and ecology of this American symbol from the origins of the great herds that once dominated the prairie to its near extinction in the late nineteenth century and the subsequent efforts to restore the bison population.  

Carter Roberts, CEO of World Wildlife states; "Dan O'Brien describes our relationship with the buffalo and the moral imperative to keep this wild creature, its landscape, and our indigenous cultures from going completely extinct. A must-read!" 

Author signed copies available now! Buy here.


  • Posted on by Roxanne Fox

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

  • Posted on by Daniel R. Fehr

    Congratulations on your Sustainability Award and thank you for all of your efforts in grassland ecology.

    Is your latest book available in hardback?


  • Posted on by Elizabeth J Lee

    Congratulations on being recognized for all the good work that you are doing for our planet.

  • Posted on by Beverly Rubino

    Way to go, guys! AWESOME!
    So proud!

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