"Time-Out" In The Buffalo Herd

A couple of weeks ago we reminded you of the ingredients of our buffalo meat: Fresh Water, Native Grass, & Pure Sunshine. We thought you might enjoy seeing our buffalo in their natural world. Our herd roams over the prairie much like they did over a thousand years ago, regenerating the earth as they graze naturally.

This video was taken recently on a day we moved the buffalo from one pasture to another. They love to move and we give them the room and the respect to do just that. So transport yourself to the prairie for just a minute. You’ll feel better - we always do.  

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  • Long may you run.

    Frank Peterson
  • That was beautiful. Thank you!

  • Thank you, thank you, Pilamya

    timothy wolf
  • Thank you for sharing this video and all of your pictures and stories This video has helped erase the vision of the buffalo being killed by the hundreds in the long ago past. Your buffalo look happier than the Yellowstone buffalo. My 2 year old grandson loves to watch the “buff” running.
    Have a wonderful day on the prairie.

    Sharon Speck
  • loved the video. and I sure would have enjoyed it without the music so I could hear the wind, the tramping of the buffalo and any birds who felt comfortable singing or calling while the buffalo were moving! Spectacular to see free running buffalo!

    Ohio Jan
  • olala, it reminds me of the day I came to see you ; it was the best time of my whole trip in the States !!! amazing to see and hear these beautiful buffalos !

  • What an amazing and beautiful sight!! Appreciate your dedication and hard work.

  • Yep. Their joy is contagious.

    Mike Hill
  • Fantastic to watch them ! Great video, great job. Thank’s Dan.

    jean-charles neel
  • This is wonderful. I plan to try your products soon. Need to find room in the freezer! Seriously though, I wish more ranchers would downsize their herds and follow your examples. It makes the most sense! CAFO,s are killing our eco systems and the balance that ALL wild animals should be able to live on – including wild horses, wolves, coyote, bears, birds, prairie animals,etc.

    Karen Brick
  • Many years ago, while driving through Custer State Park with my family and friends from New York, I was stopped by the park herd of buffalo, which decided to cross the road at the same time we were passing by. For about fifteen enchanting minutes, the herd surged around us, with many animals coming within inches of the car. That incident remains an enduring, vivid and pleasant memory. Your wonderful video of these magnificent creatures on the move triggered the memory of our encounter. Thank you.

    Robert Hiatt
  • Thank you SO much!

    June Stuhr
  • Happy bison! And, oh, those adorable babies!! Please tell us about herd dynamics. How long do babies stay with moms, bulls stay with herd, where/when do females give birth, etc. That video sure brings a smile. Thank you.

    Kathy Treanor
  • Amazing!

    Carlos Ocasio
  • I just love your company and what you stand! You have such a respect for those animals and it shows in everything you do!

    Renee Longden

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