Winter in the Rearview Mirror


When it comes to winters... we are more than happy to see this one go. Here are a series of photos captured this past winter from around the ranch. We hope Jack Frost is in the rear-view mirror!

The South Dakota Prairie in Winter

A view of the prairie on the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch on the first day of winter December 21st.

Winter Storm Moving In

Winters first storm moved in blocking out the sun and dropping the temperature to below zero.


The buffalo move over the bitter cold prairie tundra unaffected with their thick, insulated coats. 

Ice on Tumbleweed

Winters crystals cling to vegetation, turning them into ice sculptures... 

Bison bull shaking off Snow

New snow covers the buffalos coats like powdered sugared donuts.

Bison Herd Forage through Snow

The bison forage through the snow for food as they have done for thousands of years. 

Snow Covered Prairie Meets the Winter sky

The occasional brilliant blue sky gives the illusion of warmth.

Hawk in winter hunting

Ferruginous and other hawks soar through the skies in search of their next meal. 

Buffalo in Snowfall

The snowflakes catch the light, turning them into a confetti of colors as they fall.

Coyote by Bison Herd

A coyote moves around the edge of the heard unnoticed. 


Bison Hooves Kicking up Snow

The buffalo move over the winter ground kicking up snow as the go. 

Bison standing in snow

The bearded ones... they "herd" it was trendy!

Prairie plant crusted with ice against a blue sky

Despite the cold, when the prairie meets the cobalt blue sky it is breathtaking in contrast. 

Heart Rock in the Cheyenne River

The icy cold Cheyenne River exposes a cold stone heart. 

Photo Credit: Jill O'Brien




  • Posted on by Valerie Dodge

    Thank you Jill for posting the pictures of the buffalo. We just love them, keep posting and writing.

  • Posted on by Carol Ireland McLean

    Jill, I recommended Dan’s book to a couple of book clubs on Vashon Island, Wa. Everyone loved them and some ordered meat from you. I was treated to The delicacy when I visited my friend Carla last fall. Keep us all posted on the work you are doing for the Buffalo.

  • Posted on by Lawrence Massa

    See you this summer !

  • Posted on by Priss DePetris

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them.

  • Posted on by Donna Barr..York pa..

    Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures..i can only imagaine what the buffalo look like close up..So glad spring is on its way..

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