Buffalo Ox-Bone Soup



  • Posted on by jill / Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

    Ed – I too use vinegar when making basic broth/stock. As mentioned above this is a Korean style of soup and followed their techniques. It is delicious.

  • Posted on by Ed

    Two great mistakes in BB recipe….1. Temp should never be above 190 degrees as micronutrients are destroyed by hi temp. 2. Vinger should be added to help release desirable micronutrients. I use a nuwave convection heat soured and cook four 4& hrs.

  • Posted on by Roxanne Fox

    This is a basic “rendering” method. The longer the meat is soaked in cold water, the more water is absorbed, it swells up, it will release more fat in the tissue to wash away, hence be more fat free. The boiling melts even more fat and cold water washing again makes the fat adhere to itself and rinse away leaving the rich meaty flavor!

  • Posted on by Roxanne Fox

    ….and the more water soaked up, longer soaked in cold water, the easier the meat will release its tissue filled with fat!

  • Posted on by Roxanne Fox

    I believe the boiling releases the fat from the meat tissue, then the cold water makes it adhere to itself again and wash away in the rinse, a basic way of “rendering” fat from meat while keeping the rich flavor intact.

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