Jamaican Jerk Burger with Grilled Pineapple and Harissa Mayonnaise

Jill put together testimonial videos of her five new recipes (you can view them all on our Facebook Page).

In this testimonial and in honor of National Burger Day, the Jamaican Jerk Burger gets put to the test. Give it a watch below and then get busy and make your best burger!  

Jamaican Jerk Burgers
May is National Burger Month and this is my entry! Difficult? Not too bad, if you are organized. Make again? Yes. Messy to eat? Yes. Delicious? Yes!

Ingredients (Makes three 5.35 Ounce Burgers, 2 Half Pounders or 6 Sliders):

  • 1 – pound Wild Idea Premium Ground Buffalo Meat
  • 1 – tablespoon olive oil +
  • 2 – tablespoons jerk seasoning
  • pineapple slices
  • caramelized onions
  • roasted red pepper harissa mayonnaise
  • buns or, go bun-less


    1. Crumble the Ground Buffalo into a bowl and add olive oil and the jerk spices.
    2. Mix together with food-gloved hands and portion to desired size.
    3. Chill the pre-made burgers in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
    4. Rub the chilled burgers with a little olive oil and grill over high heat for 3 minutes each side with the grill lid closed, flipping the burgers at 1.5 minute intervals.
    5. Add the pineapple slices during the last three minutes and flip after 1.5 minutes.
    6. Remove the burgers and the pineapple slices form the grill. Cover the burgers and allow them to rest for 5 minutes.
    7. To assemble, place burger on a bun, top with the grilled pineapple and drizzle with the harissa mayonnaise. Mmmmmm – it’s sooo good.

      Jerk Seasoning Ingredients:

      • 1 - tablespoon onion powder
      • 1 - tablespoon garlic powder
      • 1 - tablespoon brown sugar
      • 2 - teaspoon red pepper flake
      • 2 - teaspoons salt
      • 1 - teaspoon black pepper
      • 1 - teaspoon allspice
      • 1 - teaspoon cumin
      • 1 - teaspoon thyme
      • 1 - teaspoon paprika
      • 1 - teaspoon crushed fennel
      • ½ - teaspoon cinnamon
      • ½ - teaspoon ginger


      Sift spices together and store until needed.

      Roasted Red Pepper Harissa Mayonnaise
      This tasty condiment will keep in a sealed jar in your refrigerator for up to a month.

      Harissa Sauce Ingredients:

      • 1 - teaspoon chili powder
      • ½ - teaspoon caraway seeds
      • ½ - teaspoon coriander
      • ½ - teaspoon cumin
      • ½ - teaspoon salt
      • 3 - garlic cloves
      • 1/3 - cup roasted red peppers (I always keep a jar on hand in my pantry)
      • 1 - tablespoon olive oil
      • 1 - lemon, juiced


      Puree all of the ingredients together until smooth.

      Harissa Mayonnaise Ingredients:

      • ½ - batch harissa auce
      • 2 - tablespoons mayonnaise
      • 2 - tablespoons cider or rice vinegar
      • ¼ - cup onions, finely diced
      • ¼ - cup cilantro, chopped


      Gently fold all of the ingredients together in a bowl with a fork. Place in a sealed jar and refrigerate until needed. Pull the mayonnaise out about an hour before using to let it come to room temperature.

      Photo Credit: Jill O'Brien

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      • I bought the buffalo meat and liver combination and oh my oh my oh my. I had it with a friend who has never had buffalo meat before and she was incredibly impressed. What an amazing way to get a healthy meal and experience a taste bud explosion all at once. As a medical provider I recommend your company to all my clients and when I move to my new office I plan on serving these delicious recipes for my open house!! Thank you for bringing health to our families and communities!!!

      • oh my gosh, I am so frustrated not to be able to order your Buffalo !!! I live in France and it is impossible… I had planned a trip to Wyoming this year and would have ordered some meat then, but I will not come this year because of this terrible virus, of course.
        stay safe all of you !


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