Jamaican Jerk Burger with Grilled Pineapple and Harissa Mayonnaise



  • Posted on by NHWCenter

    I bought the buffalo meat and liver combination and oh my oh my oh my. I had it with a friend who has never had buffalo meat before and she was incredibly impressed. What an amazing way to get a healthy meal and experience a taste bud explosion all at once. As a medical provider I recommend your company to all my clients and when I move to my new office I plan on serving these delicious recipes for my open house!! Thank you for bringing health to our families and communities!!!

  • Posted on by Astrid

    oh my gosh, I am so frustrated not to be able to order your Buffalo !!! I live in France and it is impossible… I had planned a trip to Wyoming this year and would have ordered some meat then, but I will not come this year because of this terrible virus, of course.
    stay safe all of you !

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