Roast Buffalo Sandwiches with Chive Cream Cheese

This is a great sandwich for casual meals or picnics. Or, use the same ingredients, slicing baguettes into ovals, for open-faced cocktail sandwiches for your next party!

Cooking Bison Sous Vide

  Many of you have inquired about cooking bison using a sous vide. I resisted buying one initially due to their size, but now, with the wand sized types available, I finally broke down and purchased one. I have limited experience in using a sous vide, so my tips on "how to use" will be evolving over time. Please feel free to jump in on the comment section and offer your advice or suggestions. 

Corned Buffalo Brisket with Colcannon

Our heat and eat Corned Buffalo Brisket just might be the very best thing that we make! All the corned brisket flavor, but made with our 100% grass-fed/grass-finished bison and no added nitrites. Here are the very simple heating recommendations and my recipe for Colcanon. You will love this!

Buffalo Tortilla Soup

This traditional Mexican soup takes on a whole new  taste with our easy to use, heat and eat Pulled Buffalo Chuck Roast. My recipe is simple, but I promise it will not disappoint! I do have one warning though, when making the tortilla strips, be sure to have celery sticks close at hand to try to keep you from eating all of the hot, limed & salted crispy strips! No guarantees on that though. *Recipe can easily be halved.

Bison Chuck Roast for Pulled Buffalo B.B.Q.

This simple recipe for Pulled Buffalo B.B.Q. using our Bison Chuck Roast will be an instant favorite with family and friends.

Coffee & Chili Rubbed Grilled Export Rib Roast with Redeye Bean Gravy

This most impressive, delicious roast should not be reserved just for holidays! So, fire up the grill and get ready to have the best Prime Rib of your life (that was the consensus at the dinner table)! Adjust cooking time based on the size of the rib roast. *I was feeding a hungry crowd, so I had no time to photograph before serving, but here are a couple of shots of the after meal.

Wild Idea Stuffed Bison Roast with Red Wine Gravy

I tested this recipe out on visiting guests, and it was a big success! Preping the roast will take a little effort, but a sharp filet knife will make it very manageable. The end result will be a very tender, medium roast, with a delicious, savory sausage stuffing and red wine gravy!

Buffalo Pot Roast

Nothing represents “comfort food” more than a traditional pot roast. Always a favorite, but this savory, one pot meal is a wonderful way to welcome the fall! 

Wet Aged Sirloin Tip Roast

The process of wet aging grass-fed meat turns moderate cuts into prime tender cuts.  The trick to the success is planning in advance, giving enough time for the wet aging to work it’s magic.
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