Roast Buffalo Sandwiches with Chive Cream Cheese

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  • DO you think you could cook this low and slow in crockpot using the apple cider you used in the braising chuck roast recipe with similar flavor results? thank yo

  • Hi Debra, yes. It can be done in a crock pot! And is delicious. I find the slow and low method best for a crock pot best and add about an hour or so more than I would with high, but it falls apart so beautifully that you will not need a knife. You can serve as suggested above or make BBQ or whatever you prefer and get consistent, delicious Buffalo every time. Friends and family find this a favorite. I have cooked all the Roasts from Wild Idea this way and have never been disappointed. Enjoy! (Jill, of course, is right. Six hours on low is perfect. Five if you do on high but it is more tender on low.)

  • Debra – I have never tried a Sirloin Tip Roast or English Roast in a crock pot…but, it might work low and slow about 180 for 6 plus hours. Apologies for not being able to be of more help. jill

  • Can this cut be done in a crock pot (sirloin tip)

    Debra graham
  • Geri – Apologies for missing this questions… the roast will be medium rare.

    Joni – The English Roast is from the chuck, but specifically the shoulder area.

  • What is the difference between Chuck Roast and English Roast?

  • will the roast be rare, med, well done ????


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