Ghosts of the Great Plains

Dear Friends,
This past summer, our main wholesale partner, Natural Grocers, sent a film crew out to the ranch to capture our process. They spent a week with us, documenting our daily lives and telling our story.
The end result is a film appropriately titled “Ghosts of the Great Plains.” It captures not only our collective environmental responsibility but also our shared history and the social responsibility we all bear.
It seems appropriate to share it with you this Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you take the time to watch it and share it with your family and friends as you gather during the week.
We are proud of what we have accomplished and know that it is driven by you — people who care about the impact your food choices have on our greater environment and communities.
With sincere gratitude and warmest Thanksgiving wishes,
Dan O’Brien, Founder

You can find locations of a "Natural Grocers" throughout the United States here. They carry our 100% grass-fed/grass-finished, humanely field harvested buffalo meat and they also carry "other buffalo meat labels" that finish their buffalo in confined feeding operations (CFO).

Natural Grocers gives you a choice.

The choice is yours.

Bison in moon light

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  • that daily practice we’ve given our heart to because it helps others, in it we remember what is truly important as our single purpose. we can in a moment pause in stillness and bask in Love’s Light we made to shine, trusting this time has high value for all. this isn’t arrogance, this is Truth.

    Blake O'Quinn
  • Powerful!. Historically correct. Beautifully presented. It raises the warmth and spirt of one’s heart. Thank you.
    Peter Fuller

    Peter Fuller
  • thank you for your passion. Perfect Earth Day Reflection for us all. when people ask me why I support your ranch and why bother to spend the extra money to eat this flesh… this explains why, heal our bodies, heal the planet, do what we can when we can.. loved the liver/ground bison… big hit… one day soon in the not so distant future, I see some goats..

    Jackie Lois

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