"How to Cook Buffalo Meat" Series with Jill


We are so happy to finally have cooking videos to share with you! In the introduction video, Jill will not only explain, but also show you where and how our buffalo are raised, so you can truly know where your Wild Idea Buffalo meat comes from. The first video is followed by two cooking videos that will make your steak grilling and pan searing a success!

We hope you enjoy these first few videos and that you will look forward to more cooking videos to come, in our continuing "How to Cook Buffalo Meat" series. 

Braising Buffalo Chuck Roasts:
Jill’s latest cooking videos on “How to Braise a Buffalo Chuck Roast” will help ensure your outcome is a success! In the new videos - Jill will step you through her techniques using Apple Cider as your braising liquid to create two wonderful meals. However, Buffalo broth or organic beef broth could be substituted. Plus, you won’t want to miss the behind the scene’s clip.


  • Posted on by Lucy Houser

    So interesting and helpful! I’ve been a customer for awhile now, and just love the meat. I especially love that the buffalo are hormone and antibiotic free, and I’m grateful for the humane field harvest.

    I used to live very near there, and seeing the landscape in the background brings back happy memories of its beauty.

  • Posted on by roger k bianco

    looks great ! bet it even taste better!

  • Posted on by James Snipes

    You should tongs to turn those steaks and not a fork

  • Posted on by Steven Schiebel

    Their meats are the best. There is a difference concerning how meat is raised and prepared. If you haven’t tried the meat, ‘get with it’.

  • Posted on by Kay Thomas

    Great videos. I just placed my fourth or fifth order in three years for your wonderful buffalo and am looking forward to trying the freezer technique on the steaks. My husband quit eating beef a number of year ago and now I make all my soups, stews, spaghetti, chili….. with ground buffalo or stew meat. We both learned that a 5 or 6 ounce steak is plenty filling as well as delicious.

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