"How to Cook Buffalo Meat" Series with Jill


We are so happy to finally have cooking videos to share with you! In the introduction video, Jill will not only explain, but also show you where and how our buffalo are raised, so you can truly know where your Wild Idea Buffalo meat comes from. The first video is followed by two cooking videos that will make your steak grilling and pan searing a success!

We hope you enjoy these first few videos and that you will look forward to more cooking videos to come, in our continuing "How to Cook Buffalo Meat" series. 

Braising Buffalo Chuck Roasts:
Jill’s latest cooking videos on “How to Braise a Buffalo Chuck Roast” will help ensure your outcome is a success! In the new videos - Jill will step you through her techniques using Apple Cider as your braising liquid to create two wonderful meals. However, Buffalo broth or organic beef broth could be substituted. Plus, you won’t want to miss the behind the scene’s clip.


  • Posted on by Rick Furlano

    We have ordered twice already and will again in the near future. The flavor and tenderness of all the steak cuts are wonderful. Straight forward recipes and techniques are easy to follow and of course the glass of wine is a must! Keep the video’s coming.

  • Posted on by Chris and Kim

    Great vid Jill, but I must say that you have much more patience than me! A simple seasoning on a room temp WIB steak, grill 2-3 mins each side and then foil wrap for 5 mins. That last part is the most difficult. Like I told Dan during our visit, my way around that is …I grill two steaks!!
    Been a customer of WIB for almost a year now and everything we have ordered has been delicious. Thanks to you, Dan and the whole WIB crew for the respectable, sustainable ranching practice you do!

  • Posted on by Joe Harvey

    Awesome videos. I would love to see Dan with you in furture videos.

  • Posted on by Rita Bennett

    After reading Dan’s book I couldn’t wait to try the bison from Wild Idea. I have been eating bison from a local store but I knew Wild Idea bison would be better. Wow, no comparison! Wild Idea bison is so tender, so juicy and just delicious. Im waiting for delivery of my second bundle. Thank you, Jill, for the cooking videos. Great job and I am anxious to try that freezer tip.

  • Posted on by Patsy Parentice

    Excellent videos!. 30 mins freeze who knew! Love your buffalo. Thank you for raising them the way you do!♡♡♡

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