Making America Beautiful


Our Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch is located in the shadows of the Black Hills National Forest - our local "purple mountain majesty", rising up about thirty miles to the west. 

Bison in Black Hills Shadow

To the east are the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, and as the crow flies ten miles beyond...
Buffalo Gap National Grasslands

they roll into the rugged terrain of Badlands National Park and the waving prairies of the Pine Ridge Reservation. 

Badlands Park

Vistas of these lands can be seen from the ranch...

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.

with Strong Hold Table prominently placed as a sentinel.

Strong Hold Table

We are separated from these lands by the Cheyenne River, an import waterway that nurtures so much of the prairie grasslands. Without pictures, one would imagine these lands to be some of America’s most beautiful, and I can assure you, that they are.

Buffalo in Cheyenne River

The prairie grasslands that sit between these national landmarks are open and vast, and beautiful in their subtle simplicity. They are also prime “Buffalo Country”. 

Bison on prairie

For years though, humans have been trying to tame these wild grasslands and make them a “proper garden” of wheat, corn and soybean.

These annual crops can't thrive in arid landscapes, unless they are genetically modified. Many of these attempts over the years have left the soil degraded and depleted of native flora and fauna.

Abused Pasture

In our efforts of regenerating the prairies, while improving our environment and food supply, we have also made America just a little more beautiful. 

The two photos immediately above is the transformation of a degraded pasture after 13 years of replanting native seed and regenerative practices. Looking good... right!  Another testament of the beneficial effects of what we eat and the impact it has on America the Beautiful.  And… it has all been driven by caring consumers like you.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend. Jill. 


  • Posted on by Clara MacKinnon

    Preserve this precious land forever….one of a kind wide open space…..spectacular!!!! Would love to see in person one day!!! Wish I had when I lived in Omaha years ago!! God Bless!!

  • Posted on by Natasha Thompson

    So appreciative of what you are doing to restore health to the earth up there in South Dakota! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Posted on by Peter Fuller

    These pictures are fantastic! I am sure there is a Meadow Lark in there somewhere singing Spring into being. Thanks. I see the Old Bull in the last picture. Keep the Dreams coming.

  • Posted on by Steven Thompson

    I applaud your story and your thoughtful, intelligent, transformative work. I know buying Wild Idea meat supports that work, but I’m eating a lot less meat these days. Is there a charitable avenue for small donors? A foundation? As a small donor, I’m considering supporting your work by just sending you a check, regardless of such financial structures. Would that cause problems I haven’t anticipated? If not, I urge other supporters to consider it too.

  • Posted on by Mary Upchurch

    Love your photography and updated info on what you all are doing on the ranch. Thank you!!!

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