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June 5th is World Environment Day. It was established in 1972, to draw attention to pollution issues, global warming and our unhealthy food supply.

At Wild Idea Buffalo Company, every day is world environment day. Our mission is to "Regenerate the prairies while improving our environment and food supply by bringing back the buffalo". The family that started this whole "wild idea" explains the how and the why in this brief video. We hope you give it a watch.

As Jilian so eloquently put it; "Our everyday choices have an impact on our environment". We thank you for voting with your mouth and making Wild Idea Buffalo Company a positive choice for you, your family and for generations to come. 


  • Posted on by Mick Whaley

    As a long time Buffalo and literature, Wild Idea customer, I so much enjoy all the products and the efforts you all make in helping to restore the land and grasses. Wild Idea is my all time favorite company so please remember how much we appreciate all the hard work you all do. Thanks so much.

  • Posted on by Rachel Makool

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do on a day-to-day basis! I wish you could buy all of the land in your area and expand the buffalo herd. Thanks so much for caring about the environment and providing healthy food to us! Take care!
    P.S. My dream has been to own a buffalo ranch! I’m living through you.

  • Posted on by Peter Fuller

    You are correct, I just love it. Thanks.

  • Posted on by Hurricane

    I am so jealous of you! I would trade my soul to the the devil to leave California and settle in the beautiful open land! Oh, yeah, and the bison meat is to die for! Thank you

  • Posted on by Rebecca

    Nicely shot! Someone’s a pro.

    Speaking from psychotherapeutic viewpoint…You could even add a close up of the rare meat. The more sensations the viewer gets the more they remember. And the more motivated to make the change the viewer wants to make

    Not that I need any convincing. I’ve been eating your goods for years. But for new folks on the fence, every added sensation is on your side. I love how you show the kids enjoying the meadow type lawn and sitting together as family to eat.

    Powerful motivators !

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