Meet Jilian Jones

Many of you are aware that the founder of Wild Idea Buffalo Company is Dan O'Brien. But, over the past 23 years (Yes, it's really been 23 years!), more of the family has become integrated into the business and have vital roles that continue to move our greater mission of regenerating and conserving The American Great Plains Prairie forward.

So, meet Jilian Jones, daughter of Dan & Jill and Wild Idea's General Manager (and so much more)!

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  • Thank you for reposting this video. It is a reminder of why we are here, what is most important, and of course to make healthy choices. We love your buffalo products and enjoy their nutrient dense benefits as we remain healthy through these strange times.

    Elana Daley
  • Thanks for this heartwarming and beautiful video, Jillian. I have been a fan of Dan’s ever since I read "

    Thanks so much for that lovely video. I have been a big fan of Dan’s ever since I read “Buffalo For the Broken Heart” years ago, and I so admire his dedication to the planet, the animals, and thoughts on leaving a better world for future generations. My family and I have been buying your products this past year as our only source of beef and wish you and yours all the best.

    Susan Kaput
  • Hi Jillian and Colton and your two wonderful boys!

    You guys are living off the land just like the pioneers of the old west.
    You have the best food and the best life of all.
    I know that you will all carry on the work of Dan and Jill when they get old.
    More power to you all.

    I put you and all your dear ones in the arms of God.
    Love, Don Meyer

    Donald G Meyer
  • Great photo of milking the little Jersey … and how she was hobbled on her back foot. I’ve milked , strained, and worked hundreds of gallons of fresh milk in days gone by. There’s a Barn cat somewhere looking to be sprayed in its’ face or a saucer set aside ….

    Bruce Tuxhorn
  • So nice to see the environment in which the buffalo are raised. I started buying from you this year and will continue to do so to support your sustainable, humane and ethical practices. Jillian and the whole team at Wild Idea Buffalo are my kind of people.

    Janet Wainwright
  • Jillian speaking from the heart! LOVE IT!

    Been buying bison meat from you for several years and have never been disappointed with the goodness, the quality and service your family provides

    God Bless!


    Maria Copp
  • Fantastic! Inspiration for future generations and Mother Earth! KUDOS!!!

    Natasha Thompson
  • Very nice, JJ!! One question: did Barrett eat that worm?

  • Lovely video! thank you!

    Joyce Cross
  • Loved the Video. Seeing boys, milking cow, buffalo, all scenery, etc.

    Mary Flaherty
  • Congrats Jilian! Beautiful video.

    John Karlson
  • Dear Jilian,
    You are a woman after my own heart.Young people like you give me hope for the future.

    Angela Anderson
  • Finally! I got my speakers plugged in right and I got to hear (as well as see) this beautiful “portrait.” This Grandmother is “busting her buttons!” Jilian, you are a rock star. Could the boys be any more adorable? Also love that Colton does not shy away from wearing an apron, in the kitchen. I’ve always said that my family is my greatest joy. I am so blessed, as are all your readers and consumers. You demonstrate the meaning of living. Your chapter resonates, resoundingly.

  • Wow Great video, great message, hope more and more people listen everyday….If you can’t be that hands on yourself support the ones that are.

    Kathy Somoroff
  • Beautiful video Jilian! Thank you for sharing your family experiences. You definitely have our support. Best wishes from SC!

    Chris and Kim

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