Unbroken Ground

In this short film by Patagonia Provisions, learn more about the important practice of regenerative ranching and farming, which also features our founders and highlights those who are also doing this critical work.Ā 

Unbroken ground - sermons from the bottom.

Unbroken Ground from Patagonia.


  • Posted on by Barbara D

    Wonderful! It restores my faith in humanity to see these efforts to reclaim the health of the earth and its inhabitants.

  • Posted on by Lynn Kelly

    Well done. Will pass it on!

  • Posted on by Mardelle

    Thank you for passing this along. Everyone who eats needs to see this.
    Iā€™m passing this along to my friends, and hope they so the same.

  • Posted on by Joyce Cross

    Very interesting and heartwarming to know that there are people doing the right thing.

  • Posted on by Toby Reaves

    I really enjoyed the short film and it was satisfying..

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