Unbroken Ground

In this short film by Patagonia Provisions, learn more about the important practice of regenerative ranching and farming, which also features our founders and highlights those who are also doing this critical work.

Unbroken Ground from Patagonia on Vimeo.


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  • Wonderful! It restores my faith in humanity to see these efforts to reclaim the health of the earth and its inhabitants.

    Barbara D
  • Well done. Will pass it on!

    Lynn Kelly
  • Thank you for passing this along. Everyone who eats needs to see this.
    I’m passing this along to my friends, and hope they so the same.

  • Very interesting and heartwarming to know that there are people doing the right thing.

    Joyce Cross
  • I really enjoyed the short film and it was satisfying..

    Toby Reaves
  • Thank you, once again!

  • what an inspiration! but I fear every relevant topic points us in the direction toward immediacy. the people of the world must act to bring every idea which helps stop the advancement of climate catastrophe or else our scientists will be proven correct. what does it take to awaken and solve a worldwide problem?

    thank you for doing your most to turn this ship around. you guys are the greatest!

    Blake O'Quinn
  • WOW! This program has got to get out to thousands not just the Wild Idea group. Public television for sure. It’s too important.

    Peter Fuller

  • Excellent video, beyond my words to describe. I’m a fan of bison meat from Wild Idea Buffalo. As a young lad in 1952, my family spent a week on Lummi Island at Hawley’s Resort fishing for salmon and ling cod. I clearly remember the reef net fishing boats in operation. It’s good to know that they are still in operation!

    Michael Miller
  • I hugely appreciate these videos and the work and concepts that underly them. I’m a tremendous fan of Patagonia and Wild Idea as socially responsible businesses recognizing the opportunities to do things differently and add value to the world beyond simply maximizing monetary value by doing the same things bigger and leveraging economies of scale. My educational backgrounds are primarily molecular biology and genetics, and most of my career training is in marketing and sales, so it’s inspiring to see how a return to ‘traditional’ ideas can co-evolve synergistically alongside new techniques to ‘solve’ some of the most pressing issues we’ve inadvertently created for ourselves. Like many people it’s hard for me to admit when I’m wrong, but there are concepts being addressed here I would once have laughed off as either overly calamitous or financially untenable. I hope whole heartedly that I continue to be proved wrong.

    Chris Black
  • Well worth the time; once it started, I couldn’t stop watching. A most important issue for our time. To all, eat well!

  • Inspiring absolutely inspiring. Nicely done I hope thousands of people see this.

    Christopher Collins

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