The Return of the American Bison

This past Friday, May 17th was Endangered Species Day. For us and for all of our sourcing partners - every day is endangered species day as it is a key element of our shared ranching model; to promote and provide a healthy ecosystem for ALL creatures to not just live but thrive.

Collectively, by returning bison back to their homeland we are now positively impacting over 300,000 acres of prairie grasslands.

We are always interested in sharing our story and the greater story of the bison and their significance and impact in our past and present world. "The Return of the American Bison" is an important film on their natural and cultural history, as well as the current state of conservation of the North American bison.

We are very proud to be part of this beautiful film - our founder, Dan O'Brien is featured and a majority of the buffalo/prairie footage was filmed on the Cheyenne River Ranch.

This film will take only 14 minutes of your time (although you might not want it to end), and will give you a better idea of where your buffalo meat comes from and the impact of its majestic return.

A big thank you to Nebraska Educational Television for telling the story and for including us. And... a big thank you to all of you for supporting ranchers whose main mission is conservation with an emphasis on supporting an intact ecosystem.

Enjoy the film!



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  • AMAZING! One of the most beautiful animals on God’s green Earth! Thank you Dan, for your vocation to the American Bison, and thanks to all who made the film. Semper Fidelis…ask Mr. Merchant

    Todd Bufkin
  • That was beautiful!! Thank you!

    Anne Clare
  • This is a very informative film and very well done it tells the story of the Bison and hopefully it w ill wake the residents of the USA to save and savor the important prairie biomes for future generations. We the people, bison and prairie enthusiasts must strive to educate and inform the peoples of this nation of the story behind both of theses entities of our natural world. This short film does a great job of doing just that. Thank you Dan and all

    Bob Mahoney
  • I look forward to the day when they can once again range the entire bredth of the interior of this great nation of ours!

    Eric L Johnson
  • Thank you for sharing!

  • A great thanks to NET for initiating this great effort, who first introduced me to Dan with their two part episode of the Great Prairie with photographer Michael Forsberg. Wonderfully filmed, and beautifully narrated. I was totally encapsulated with this imagery, again. I am humbled by these projects.

    Michael Kuhns
  • What a beautiful tribute. Makes me homesick for the country.

  • It is interesting to note that we (and our ancestors) have exploited this land to the point that, now, we are concerned about losing some of the wildlife and land that have attracted us. This is truly an oxymoron. I agree that conservation of the bison is a successful endeavor. Let’s expand to other areas. God gave us the land and the animals for us to enjoy. Let’s not squander it.

    Kathleen Pickrell
  • Thankyou for this beautiful film, and all the important and hard work of restoration… you’re right, didn’t want it to end! But will now forward to my children to view 🙏🏽

    Holly Hopper
  • Thank you so much for sharing this film with us. Parts of this history have come up from time to time, but to see this circle of events and information in one presentation is very enlightening. It is so awesome to see the bison return and the caring that is allowing it to happen. We are so interested in this entire process and hope to be very active in it in the very near future. Thank you for all you have fought for and persevered to see to fruition.

    Jerry and Norma Reynolds
  • Inspiring! Thanks Dan, Jill and crew!

    Kathy Treanor
  • Woo-Hoo! Awesome sauce! That was the shortest 14 minutes, ever. Beautifully done. Hats off to all involved. I hope this film is shown in classrooms.

  • Great historical perspective, plus a poignant tribute to these great animals. The Buffalo Nation is growing, and wise stewardship is seeing to the genetic diversity of the herd. We first tried to tell this story in Buffalo Quarterly Magazine back in the ’70’s, but people were less environmentally tuned in than now. Plus, your film is a more persuasive medium. Hats off to a great effort.

    George Frantz
  • Thank you. Your new film is a great addition to the work of Russell Thornton.
    American Indian Holocaust and Survival (The Civilization of the American Indian Series) by Russell Thornton (Author)

  • I thank the Great Spirit every day for the good work that you do!! MITAKUWE OYAS’IN

    Stephen Kinzy

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