"Time-Out" In The Buffalo Herd


A couple of weeks ago we reminded you of the ingredients of our buffalo meat: Fresh Water, Native Grass, & Pure Sunshine. We thought you might enjoy seeing our buffalo in their natural world. Our herd roams over the prairie much like they did over a thousand years ago, regenerating the earth as they graze naturally.

This video was taken recently on a day we moved the buffalo from one pasture to another. They love to move and we give them the room and the respect to do just that. So transport yourself to the prairie for just a minute. You’ll feel better - we always do.  


  • Posted on by Laura Culley

    You wrote, “…we give them the room and the respect to do just that.” That’s just one of the little details that earns my utter respect for your company. I order when I can and refer my friends to you at every available opportunity. I’m CERTAIN that the way you treat your land and your bison is why it tastes so darn GOOD. Instilling fear and anger also instills toxic chemicals into the creature’s bloodstream and body (and thus its meat) that just tastes bad. If only humans knew (or cared) what really happens in their normal food chain, I think they’d be shocked. But perhaps they’d have to care first? Sadly, I think most people are oblivious. Wish I could afford to buy more from you. And NO, that’s NOT a complaint. Taking care with the bison and their environment can’t come cheap and I don’t expect that. I just wish I had a bigger budget. Thank you for the care and respect that is the foundational bedrock of your operation. It makes a HUGE difference to me.Obviously (to me), the lessons you learned (or were cemented) through your years in falconry and your relationship with your birds (who are no more yours [or mine] than the air you [we] breathe) shines through your business practices like a blessed beacon. Their presence in our lives are an enormous privilege that seeps into the core of our lives. Again, thank you!

  • Posted on by Craig Lawson

    Makes me happy. Thank you.

  • Posted on by Nancy C

    I’m blessed to be living and working on the prairie! Love reading your company’s updates and the visuals you post. Keep up the great work!

  • Posted on by Brenda Schussman

    We love the video! Thanks for sending!

  • Posted on by Robert JACQUEMOUD

    Beau rappel du magnifique souvenir de notre visite au ranch au mois de juin 2017. (UIAD Grenoble)

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