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What We're Watching... inspiring, hopeful films that highlight the fight against climate change and all those individuals who are leading the efforts to protect our Planet.

We hope you take the time to watch these extraordinary films for a better understanding surrounding the importance of our planet's health and the solutions that are vital to combating climate change.



Gather is an insightful and honest film that brings attention to the “growing movement amongst Native Americans” and their spiritual journeys towards food sovereignty, alongside their battles to heal the damages surrounding centuries of genocide. Watch the film here.



“A Film About The Fight for America’s Public Lands”

Patagonia Films presents an award-winning documentary, Public Trust that highlights those individuals who are tirelessly fighting to protect America’s public lands. Learn more about Patagonia’s activism and to watch the film here.



“Awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration”

We love this new, must-watch film, Kiss the Ground! It's a great documentary that shines a light on regenerative agriculture. Learn more and watch the film here.



screenshot of film awards for documentary the need to grow


THE NEED TO GROW is a heavily endorsed and acclaimed film that's truly inspiring - a glimmer of hope for a better way. Learn more and watch the film here.



"It's not too late to save the Northern Great Plains"

In the summer of 2019, our main wholesale partner, Natural Grocers documented and filmed our daily lives and told our story in a film appropriately titled Ghosts of the Great Plains. This film captures not only our collective environmental responsibility but also our shared history and the social responsibility we all bear. Watch the full film here.



“Join us on our mission to regenerate the land and restore our oceans”

Unbroken Ground is a film in which we were fortunate to be part of and featured - it examines four areas of agriculture and the roles each of us play in the solutions to our environmental crisis. Learn more and watch the film here.


  • Posted on by Rob Thompson

    Thanks for directing us to these stunning films. I’m a close contemporary of Dan and continually wonder why our ever growing human population is not front and center in our efforts to protect the biosphere with all its life forms and the dwindling resources we continue to extract from the earth. There is no mention by elected officials or the media of the “elephant in the room” which is our ever growing specie being the dominant virus causing all the ills facing this fragile planet and our existence. Our human population has tripled in my lifetime.

  • Posted on by Beth Mundy

    We have recently watched your above documentary suggestions and then topped it off with David Attenborough’s new documentary, “A Life on Our Planet”. He also addresses human population as a major contributor to the health of our earth. All of these documentaries suggest things that we can do to preserve our planet: regenerative agriculture, renewable energy and population countrol. However, if we can’t even get some people to wear a mask during this pandemic, how can they grasp the greater concept of their actions affecting the health of our world? We all need to live by example and get the word out! We love your products and philosophy and can’t wait for our next order! Take care.

  • Posted on by Sion G. Hanson

    The notion behind Ghosts of the Great Plains, is what is motivating me to become involved. My little corner of the prairie will be my contribution. It is my hope that the word will spread and others will take up the cause.

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