The Ingredients of Wild Idea Buffalo Meat


What’s in the meat you eat? We have no idea, unless you are buying it from us. Our ingredient list is simple: Fresh water.

Bison at River

Native grass.

And, pure sunshine.

herd of buffalo at sunset on the prairie

It’s important to know that we didn’t start out with the desire to become a meat purveyor. We started out with the desire to restore the prairie ecosystem back to health, with a bountiful diversity of species.

This would require the return of the American Buffalo, the native herbivore that once roamed these prairies over 180,000 years ago. Our model has always been to allow the buffalo to be and behave like real buffalo, as they did back in the day, with freedom to roam and graze, working in a symbiotic rhythm with the land.

Bison on the Move

Our progress has been slow but steady and today, after over 25 years of bringing back the buffalo, we, along with other sourcing partners are positively impacting over 300,000 acres of prairie grasslands.

Prairie Pasture

This is where and how our buffalo roam. And, this is where the by-product of our efforts, the buffalo meat you purchase from us comes from. No fillers. No supplemental feeds. No confinement. No smoke & mirrors. Just 100% water, grass & sunshine.

We also provide you 100% transparency, through hundreds of photographs, videos, and personal tours, so you can say with confidence that you know where your buffalo meat comes from. 


  • Posted on by François Prioul

    It’s amazing, it’s beautifull. What you do is great and lifts the spirit of nature and wilderness lovers. Thank you and Bravo! From France.

  • Posted on by Linda C Nelson

    Well done post! Straight forward, simple, visual, beautiful. I love the prairie, your work to restore and regenerate and the amazing bison. I’ve been eating Wild Idea meat for a long time and my love and respect just keep expanding. Thanks so much.

  • Posted on by Peter Fuller

    I an ordering the book.
    Jill, you have a magic camera! Have you thought about a showing of your pictures at the Dahl?
    You two bring us all HOPE!

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