4-Bean Bison Chili





  • Posted on by jill

    Hi Harold. I would puree or flash process jared roasted red peppers & hatch roasted green chilies as a substitute for the tomatoes. It will give you great flavor too! Thank you! jill

  • Posted on by Harold Burton

    I made this the other day and it was wonderful! My family loved it! Since then, my husband has learned he is allergic to tomatoes. I wondered if you might have any suggestions for a good substitute? I’m thinking of maybe adding some beef or veggie broth for the liquid, and maybe some black beans for substance? Just wondering if I should add some extra seasonings too, and/or if there are some other things you might recommend. Thank you!?

    Harold Burton

  • Posted on by Gerald King

    JUST defrosted the packaged 4 Bean Chili I bought probably 2 years or so ago. All I have to say is WOW!!! Tastes like it was made FRESH. I look forward to my next purchase, maybe a Quarter . . .

  • Posted on by Rose Martine

    Thanks for sharing such a healthy recipe! Have a great day!
    rose martine

  • Posted on by Alisha Ross

    Came across this recipe in Pinterest and been in love with your blog ever since.. I tried it today with whatever I could get a hold of and it was super yummy!!! Thank you

    Ross Alisha

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