Seared Flat Iron Steaks with Bagna Cauda



  • Posted on by Scott Ralls

    We have been making bagna cauda since the 70s…but we mince the garlic, use heavy cream not milk and do it on stove in cast iron pan over high heat and mix it all together…great with french bread…

  • Posted on by Rocky

    Wow! The Bagna Cauda was a perfect dip for the steak! I will put it with my favorite recipes book.

  • Posted on by Pake

    Oh yeah. This recipe was a winner at our house!
    Served with rice pilaf and garlic roasted green beans. Everyone said, “Make this one again.”

  • Posted on by Jill O"Brien / Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

    Hi Melinda.
    I was able to bring the milk to a gentle boil. Perhaps turn your heat to high to achieve this, as all stoves are a little different.
    Thank you for your question.

  • Posted on by Melinda

    The instruction about the double boiler is confusing. If you put the milk and garlic in the top of a double boiler, you can’t bring them to a “gentle boil.” Only the water underneath will boil. Is that what you mean?

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