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February 09, 2016


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Buffalo Gumbo

Gumbo with Buffalo Andouille Sausage

Ingredients: (serves 8)
1 – Tb. olive oil
1 – lb. organic chicken, pheasant, or grouse, cut into bite size pieces
1 – cup onion, diced
4 - celery stalks – sliced
1 – green or red pepper – diced
3 - clove garlic – chopped
1 - tsp. black pepper
2 - tsp. salt
2 - tsp. paprika
1 - tsp. oregano
½ - tsp. thyme
½ - tsp. cayenne *optional
2 - Tb. olive oil
¼ - cup flour
2 - quarts organic chicken broth
2 – cups tomatoes, diced with juices
1 - 14 oz. Buffalo Andouille Sausage, cut into 1” slices on the bias
12 - Shrimp, peeled & deveined
½ - lb. Okra, fresh or frozen, sliced *optional lightly brown in butter
¼ - cup chopped parsley

1.) In heavy soup pot over medium high heat, heat 1 Tb. oil. Add fowl of choice, sauté to slightly brown, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes.
2.) Add vegetables and stir to incorporate, along with all dry spices and cook until tender and slightly browned. Transpose meat and vegetables from pot to other bowl, cover and set aside.
3.) Return pot to low heat and add additional oil and flour, whisking to incorporate. Increase heat to medium, whisking constantly until roux is dark brown. About 15 minutes.
4.) Add meat, vegetables and any juices that have accumulated in bowl back to kettle, stirring to incorporate.
5.) Add, organic chicken broth and bring to boil. Reduce heat to a low and simmer for 1 hour uncovered, stirring occasionally. *(Optional: Remove from heat, cool & refrigerate. Remove oil from top before reheating. Reheat over med high, bringing to a boil.)
6.) Increase heat to medium. Add tomatoes, and Buffalo Andouille, stir to incorporate and continue cooking for 10 minutes.
7.) Add shrimp and, cook for 5 minutes.
8.) Add Okra and cook until heated through.
9.) Stir in chopped parsley before serving.
Season to taste. To serve, place a medium scoop of sticky sushi rice or brown rice in center of shallow bowl, ladle Gumbo around rice and garnish with a parsley sprig.
An excellent make ahead and reheat dinner! The flavor just gets better!

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