Cooking with Jill: How to Gas Grill a Buffalo Steak


In this video from our "How to Cook Buffalo Meat" series, Jill will show you how to gas grill our Buffalo Steaks to perfection!



  • Posted on by 2 Rapid Grill Cart

    Nice vlog! I am glad that I saw and read this, also a lot to make when you have Rapid Grill Cart it is way more easy and convenient. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Posted on by Tom

    Jill, You’re the hostess with the mostest 👌

  • Posted on by Deborah Salisbury

    You are absolutely beautiful and your steaks and bison products are the best I have ever had
    LOVE what you are all doing ,,

  • Posted on by Chuck Ellington

    We’ve used a gas grill for years on our WildIdea filets. My wife prefers hers more “medium” but I consider mine burnt if its internal temperature exceeds 120F. Truly great meat and we keep a lot in stock. As Pennington County residents, it’s convenient to just swing by the store in E Rapid and pick up new steaks when we start running low. Sometimes we do sautéed shallots with bearnaise as a topping. (Yes, I cheat and use a Knorr packet.) Even just plain, your filets are the best red meat we’ve consumed. My advice? Get a “quick read” internal temperature probe to determine meat doneness.

  • Posted on by Erika Malone

    Jill, you are adorable and so helpful. Thank you for this video and for the great meat! We ordered the starter pack just last month after I finished reading Dan’s book “Buffalo for the Broken heart”. It was a birthday present from my aunt and uncle. I loved it and I’m recommending to anyone who will listen.

    I was extra excited to hop online and find your company has grown and be able to place an order with you. What wonderful work you area all doing. It’s such a panacea for us city dwellers (Seattle WA) to feel connected to your work of healing the land. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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