Sloppy Joes with Sweet Corn



  • Posted on by Diane Mercier

    This is a wonderful recipe that I will make again and again. While I did not garnish with sweet corn, it was perfect topped with just pickles and green onions. We loved it!

  • Posted on by Jill

    Honey sure could replace the maple syrup – although I like the molasses flavor the syrup ads. You could also use molasses. Cheers! jill

  • Posted on by Marne

    Barbara Webb—I was looking for the corn; it’s in the end comment, with green onions, which I interpret as garnish or accompaniment.

  • Posted on by Debbie Crenshaw

    Do you think honey could be substituted for maple syrup?

  • Posted on by John Payne

    Another winner, Jill!
    Many thanks,

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