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March 20, 2019


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Hot & High then Low & Slow Roasting Method

Jill’s cooking video will show you how to get a Sirloin Tip roast, “Prime Rib” tender. It’s almost too good to be true... but it's true! And, the best part is that it requires very little “hands-on” kitchen time!


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Kathy Jankowski

March 24, 2019

We’re trying this today in Delaware!!!

Toni Frank

December 18, 2019

Hello Jill!

This was an amazing method, it came out beautifully. I used the same type of dutch oven that you used in this video. I also saw that you have used a shallow cast iron pan. Do you find one works better than the other?

I am using this recipe to roast 2 of the sirloin tip roasts. Wondering if 2 shallow cast irons would be better since there will be 2 roasts in the oven? Have you done more than one at at time?



December 18, 2019

Hi Toni – So glad to hear it worked well for you. As for shallow or deep I don’t think it matters, just as long as it heavy – as they hold the heat better. In cooking two, if they are not touching I would increase my Hot & High time an additional 3 minutes. If they are snug in one pan – treat it like one roast – almost doubling your time. Thank you for your support and great taste!

Paula Wahl

January 16, 2020

Will the hot and low cooking times vary depending upon the size of the roast? I have a 3lb chuck roast that I’m making for dinner and want to be sure it’s medium rare. Thanks so much for doing what you do!


January 18, 2020

Hi Paula. It will work for a 3 pound roast. I have had success with a chuck roast using this method – but instead of shutting the oven off for two hours, I shut off for only one and then turn the oven back on after the first hour to the lowest oven setting, around 170 degree’s and roast for another hour – then I shut the oven off again and keep in the oven with the door shut for an additional hour. Braising is also a great way to prepare a chuck roast – although you will not get medium rare – you will get amazing flavor and tenderness.

Brandon Boe

February 13, 2020

Can i follow your method and then slice and freeze 2/3rds of it afterwords? I live by myself and no way will eat all that in 5 days. I’m new to meat again ive been vegetarian for years but using your bison as my main protein source per week.


February 25, 2020

Hi Brandon. First my apologies for my delay in responding (I was out roaming). This is my guess – I think it would work. I would slice very thin and wrap tightly in individual portions. I would reserve au jus and freeze individually too. To prepare – thaw sliced portion in the refrigerator and then heat only by dunking into hot au jus. Thank you so much for choosing a sustainable red meat that you can feel good about eating! All my best. jill

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