Hot & High then Low & Slow Roasting Method

Jill’s cooking video will show you how to get a Bison Sirloin Tip Roast, “prime rib” tender. It’s almost too good to be true... but it's true!

And the best part is that it requires very little “hands-on” kitchen time!


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  • Thanks Jill for the great video. We made the roast just like you showed and it was perfect. All the comments I heard from the peanut gallery in the beginning about needing the microwave when it comes out raw were laid to rest. This will not be my last roast. Regards to Dan.

    Robert Jaffe
  • Hi Katheleen. I make my own bison broth. There are 3 recipes on our site, here is the link to my my main go to: – but you could substitute organic beef broth. As for wine, I would use a bit of red and a splash of sherry is nice too. Thank you for your support! Jill

  • Hi, Jill, Am going to try this, but I have a question re: au jus ~ The recipe called for bison broth plus juices in pan and wine. Does it matter whether wine is red or white? Also a second question, I could not locate bison broth in Wild Idea products – Did I miss something? Thx so much!

    Kathleen Hall

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