Jamaican Soup



  • Posted on by Debra Joy Gordon-Hellman

    Well, I have made the pot roast a couple of times, and it is delish, but the Jamaican soup caught my eye for company tomorrow night. We’re even expecting snow flurries here in Alabama, so this spicy, rich soup seemed just the ticket. It turned out fabulous, and I’m serving it with cornbread and marinated beet salad on greens from the garden. For some reason I needed to just about double the liquid for it to accommodate all the veggies and pulled meat. Thanks Jill! Your recipes are divine. Next time I order, I’m getting the corned beef. The hash sounds fabulous. Cheers! Debra Joy

  • Posted on by Hazel

    A friend gave me some of your company’s buffalo, including a roast, for my birthday. So I made this recipe yesterday. It is excellent, delicious! Well worth all the chopping and getting out all the seasoning bottles.

  • Posted on by Lori

    I love your recipes. Have made a few and they all are delicious. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Posted on by Georgene

    This sounds really good, Jill. I wish I had some, right now. A combination of colder weather and advancing age has made me a soup devotee’.

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