Jill & Julia’s Bison Bourguignon



  • Posted on by Darshana

    As someone into sustainable living and also one who often gets enough meat but not enough vegetables, I can’t imagine throwing out the carrots, celery, and onion! I would chop them finely and cook all the way down, adding mushrooms closer to the end.
    I also gave up browning years ago, and just make sure to choose great quality meat (like yours!), and add lots of good organic veggies and seasonings. I really don’t like any burned bits, so then don’t have to worry about that as some folks over-brown!

  • Posted on by Kelly Leigh

    This was delicious! Followed the short cuts and it came out perfect. Adding to the recipe box. Thank you

  • Posted on by Pamela van Giessen

    Made this tonight. At first I thought I failed to braise the bison until tender enough. Company was on the way so the choice was to order pizza or figure out how to save. I popped it back in the oven (after adding the thickening agent and remaining wine) while the pasta cooked. And it worked. Delicious. Everyone cleaned their plate. Thanks for the recipe that simplifies Julia’s version and for the awesome bison. I love that it is leaner. Looking forward to making some stroganoff next month. A classic stroganoff with the tenderloin tips is also amazing.

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