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BUFF Burgers (6-6oz. burgers)

Get your buff on with our premium, 95% lean, 100% grass-fed buffalo meat! We season the meat to perfection, handcraft each burger into a 6 oz. portion and then wrap them individually for your convenience and come in (you guessed it) a 6 - Pack!

Eating healthfully without compromising any of the juicy goodness just got a whole lot easier! These burgers taste so good on their own - you might want to eat them naked!
Warning, extra napkins may be needed. 

 6 - 6 oz. BUFF Burgers per package- individually wrapped

Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed/finished Buffalo, Sea Salt, Organic & Non-GMO: Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Ketchup, Thyme, and Mustard. All ingredients are gluten free. 

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