Buffalo Winter


Photos by Jill O'Brien

The prairie winter continues. Here are a few winter Buffalo images, along with other photos on the ranch. 



  • Posted on by Bob York

    Great photos Jill. Dale Lamphere and I helped Tom Trople and Josh and crew work their Buffalo calves last wkend in the foggy snowy cold weather. Great experience to be up close to these amazing animals. An old country boy loves the conservation and stewardship blog and photos of the ranch that you share. Thank you.

  • Posted on by Patricia Stear

    Love your work! Do you ever need volunteers for a few days?

  • Posted on by Frances Miles

    Spectacular photos…some of them made me want my jacket. Thanks for sharing….

  • Posted on by Linda Simmons

    Just gorgeous! These huge creatures look magical in the winter snow.

  • Posted on by Chris coleman

    Thanks Jill. Your beautiful photos even pull in my sense of smell. The super cold, sharp, dry air frosting the inside of my nose. Winter on the plains.

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