Buffalo Winter

Photos by Jill O'Brien

The prairie winter continues. Here are a few winter Buffalo images, along with other photos on the ranch. 

Lone Bison Bull

Winter Country Road

Gold Finches in winter

Bison Herd Winter

Geese Fly Over

Buffalo Calf with Mother Winter

Winter Rabbit

Bison in Winter Storm

Winter Buffalo Fence

Buffalo Watering in Winter

Colton Jones


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  • I like buffalos and I would like to see them on their land. Thanks for your photos Jill .
    Thanks from France

    Jean Luc
  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, Jill. Every time I see your photos, I want to jump in the car and head West. Twelve hours from Central Wisconsin to Wall……….

    Pamela M Corcoran
  • Great original photography!! pete.

    peter white
  • Yearning to go home❤️

  • Fantastic photos, great product, have a great day. God bless you and yours.

    Bob Watland
  • Some very nice photographs. I wanted to download one for my desktop. Could you save them in Higher Resolution (more Pixels length x width) Please. These look limited and stunted like Instagram does to all their photographs (which is why I do not utilize Instagram)

    We Luv your product and your Conservation and Vision.

  • Stunning photos of a magical place and of majestic creatures I can only dream of. Thank you so much for sharing. You’re amazingly talented.

    Barb S
  • Jill and Dan: Love the photos and bringing the memories of growing up in Montana…So glad to see Buffalo honored again..Keep er Going tomk

    tom Kovalicky
  • Your winter may be rough and you may need to get away from it sometimes, but it certainly has its beauty too. What a pleasure seeing in winter the bison we saw last June. How they can adapt! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

    Jane Baile
  • Jill, thanks for sharing your photography talent. Your photos bring a sense of calmness.

  • Having prints of your photos available is wonderful…looking forward to seeing them…Don

    Don Rusch
  • Great pictures. Reminds me of how beautiful South Dakota and the west river is.

    jay garwood
  • Thanks Friends. Good Idea on prints for sale! ;) I am currently working on a selection that we will add to our gift store.
    On rabbit image specifically, he or she had been working on eating the leaves off the branch and every time the rabbit would grab the branch and give one of the leaves a tug the snow would shower around it. Love that image too – but the best part was witnessing it!

    jill / Wild Idea Buffalo Co.
  • Magnificent photo of where the road meets the horizon. Absolutely stunning. I believe pink skies are a message – I just haven’t figured it out yet – but I always feel that it is personal.
    It’s going to take a while, for Lincoln’s legs, to reach those stirrups but, as fast as time flies, it will probably be no time at all.
    Thank you, for all the lovely photographs. The birds are delightful.

  • Judith Schwartz’ book: COWS SAVE THE PLANET – AND OTHER IMPROBABLE WAYS OF IMPROVING SOIL TO HEAL THE EARTH may also be of interest to Buffalo fans.

    Eric Burr

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