Buffalo Winter


Photos by Jill O'Brien

The prairie winter continues. Here are a few winter Buffalo images, along with other photos on the ranch. 



  • Posted on by carol

    Reminds of the best ten years of my life in the Black Hills(1971-1980) was camping in the Badlands heavy rains woke us up early…we walked over a ridge to see how weather was progressing…BOOM…face to face with a bison…we didn’t run-we sat down..remained very quiet and I swear….we were communicating for several minutes….he then snorted and went on his way…….as you know…….it was MAGICAL.

  • Posted on by carol

    THANK YOU so much for fabulous beautiful photos and all the stories of your past mailings Makes me homesick for the Blk Hills(lived there 1971-79)now in Utah. I learned so much from the Lakota Sioux. Also lived on a 4,000 acre ranch in Sundance Wyoming for one summer where I learned ALL aspects of ranch life…my first roundup-first branding party-learned how to make butter-cottage cheese- preserves-sausages etc. One of the best experiences of my life. I LOVE what you are all doing on your ranch. Being an extreme animal lover/rescuer….I love that you DO NOT use slaughter houses. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!

  • Posted on by Earlice Jordan

    Thank you for sharing the awesome glimpses of life on the ranch!

  • Posted on by Susan Jonkel Llorca

    Beautiful; makes me homesick.

  • Posted on by Kenneth James & Leslie Terry

    Eureka! Jill as always you capture the beauty of “Wild Idea”with photos as well as Dan does with his words!. Especially like the Rabbit and the “lil buckeroo”. although youve just started him on one of the earths most expensive “Addictions!” OK so its one of the most satisfying as well. Have a good Ride!

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