Bison Heart Recipe





    • Posted on by Daniela

      Hi. I just did mine and it come out " delicioso". I used Pinot Grigo wine, and I put some of my condiments to my taste. Thanks for the recepie.

    • Posted on by jill

      Hi Bob – Add to the last step in the recipe. That’s the sauce! Enjoy! : )

    • Posted on by Bob Perry

      Re: Preparations
      Line 6 says, “Stir the sour cream into the sauce.”
      Is the sauce something prepared on the side, or is the cream simply added as the last step in the process?

    • Posted on by jill

      Hi Jamie. I usually select wine that I like to drink, but I also consider price when using for cooking and stay around the $15.00 mark. For this recipe I would select a Pinot Gris.

    • Posted on by Jamie

      Silly question, and despite my email handle, I don’t have experience with wine at all…can you recommend one for this recipe? There are a 1000 bottles when i walk into a liquor store and I have no idea what one might be good for cooking with. I could google, but you’re right here… :)

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