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September 28, 2018


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Cooking with Jill O'Brien - How to Braise a Buffalo Chuck Roast

In this video Jill will step you through her techniques using Apple Cider as your braising liquid to create two wonderful meals!

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April 30, 2019

Yum! Perfect for roasting during our last spring blizzard!


January 12, 2020

Jill, thought you might need a good chuckle! My husband finally made this roast and said he was going to use this recipe. Fast forward , I came home to the very strong smell of vinegar . He told me the recipe called for Apple cider vinegar. My comment was okay….🤷🏻‍♀️ The roast was delicious!!!. Days later I looked at that recipe and it said Apple Cider , not vinegar! 😂😂😂😂😂. Of course I would not suggest this swap. Roast was perfect, did not taste like vinegar, but the vegetables did! LOL.

Joann Wainscott

February 12, 2020

I just followed your recipe Jill for cooking the chuck Roast and it was perfect! Had a dinner party for family that had not ever tasted Buffalo! All were beyond impressed and loved it!! Time to order more chuck roasts and impress the next group!!


February 20, 2020

Would you mind sharing your recipe/instructions for the cabernet sage sauce, please? I’ve made some wonderful soups with this roast, but would like to try your braise with roasted veggies. Thank you!


February 22, 2020

You mention a Cabernet sage sauce , can you post the recipe?



March 22, 2020

I made this today. Wonderful comfort food while practicing social distancing. I didn’t have apple cider, so I used Guinness and water for braising liquid.

Lisa Musgrave

March 30, 2020

For over 40 years I have refused to eat commercially raised meat (thus becoming essentially a pescatarian). However, once I found Wild Idea (and a farm in Indiana that does it Right), I have learned how to cook meat once in a while. Well, I finally gathered up the nerve to try this recipe for the chuck roast, and my husband and I thought we’d died and gone to heaven. Incredible! Thank you, Jill!

John Giammalva

August 01, 2020

I can watch the video, but can’t seem to find a written out recipe for this roast. What am I missing here?


August 01, 2020

John – If you click on the the following link it will take you to a written version of this video.
Hope that’s helpful!

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