Buffalo Steak Tartare

When visiting France, a dish that is served in copious amounts, is Steak Tartare. I decided to replicate this recipe with Wild Idea's 100% Grass-Fed Sirloin Steaks for a delicious, light and elegant dish. A favorite of mine, and all that try it!  

Jerk Tri-Tip with Orange Glaze and Bulgar Wheat Salad

The Tri-Tip cut is a favorite of chefs. The meat is flavorful and the marinating makes this cut butter-knife tender. The natural nuttiness of Bulgur Wheat Salad makes for a nice accompaniment.

Buffalo Wellington

The traditional Wellington is typically made using the Tenderloin cut and pâté de foie gras. Personally, I find this dish plenty rich without the foie gras and prepare using a savory vegetable pate instead.

Gangnam-Style Buffalo Flank Steak

The Korean word gangnam, stands for the south side of Seoul, where there are many fancy restaurants and shops. My recipe is a rendition of Bulgogi (Korean BBQ), which can be served a variety of ways. Here are two of my favorite renditions.
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