Build Your Best Charcuterie Board


Build your best charcuterie board with Wild Idea Buffalo Company's Charcuterie items! Add complementary cheese pairings, along with your favorite accoutrements, pop some champagne, invite some friends and you have a party!

Check out Jill's latest "How-To" video for tips on not just making it delicious, but beautiful too!

Shop Wild Idea Buffalo Company's Charcuterie items for your next shindig! 

Jill's suggested pairings:

Salami: Pair with Irish Cheddar and Cornichon Pickles and Coarse Mustard.

Pastrami: Pair with an aged Gouda, such as Reypenaer and Grilled Artichoke Hearts or Pickled Brussels Sprouts.

Bresaola: Pair with Goat Cheese with Fig Jam and accompany with Pears or Apples.

Other fillers: Pickled Green Beans, Asparagus, Olives, Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, Nuts and a variety of Artisan Crackers.


  • Posted on by Chris and Kim

    Great presentation Jill! Far better than my talents. We’ve have tried all three varieties of your charcuterie and frankly, our favorite is, well, all of them. I usually find myself pairing the salami…with another slice of salami and perhaps also with a slice of bresaola or pastrami. Thanks as always for the delicious healthy WIB meats and a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s to you all!

  • Posted on by Doyle Hughes

    Video looks great! But, video audio is low when compared to your other videos….? Tks! Doyle

  • Posted on by bob jackson

    Classy, healthy for you, food!

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